Mawson Bear’s Not-A-Bear Friends

Dear Fellow Baffled Ones, I could say, Dear Fellow Bears. But I know not ALL of you are bears. And not everyone in my house is a bear either. All sorts of creatures arrive. Some wandered in because they had lost their old homes and some arrived in boxes and baskets as gifts of love.Continue reading “Mawson Bear’s Not-A-Bear Friends”

Is Your Child-Within A Bit Neglected? A Picture Book for Weary Grownups

Hello fellow baffled ones, I was just sitting on my cushion pondering about Things. Oh, Look. It looks like a gift. Could it be for Me, Mawson? It is! It is a gift for me. And oh my goodness! It’s by me too! It’s A Bright World to Feel Lost In, by Me, Mawson isContinue reading “Is Your Child-Within A Bit Neglected? A Picture Book for Weary Grownups”

Explorations to Do Indoors: Hilda Bear visits the Door Stop Family

Fellow Baffled Ones, greetings. Here is our Hilda Bear. Hilda enjoys knitting and wearing hats. She likes to make sure everyone in the house is feeling comfortable. When she isn’t knitting she likes to visit them all. Today she is going to visit our Door Stop family. Hilda’s first stop (chuckle) on our way isContinue reading “Explorations to Do Indoors: Hilda Bear visits the Door Stop Family”

The Writer-bear copies of She Ran Away From Love arrive

Mawson’s Guardian Says: Excitement spreads through Mawson’s House. A box has arrived. Could it contain Mawson’s writer-bear copies? Bears roll off cushions and waddle over to see. Bomund and Gold Paws open the top. Frilly strains to see. Bomund and Gold Paws push the box over. Wurry Bear climbs over the top and almost fallsContinue reading “The Writer-bear copies of She Ran Away From Love arrive”

Bears in Shops Just Want To Go Home

There you are. A bear. A plushie. A stuffie. You need someone to love you. But they haven’t found you yet. You sit. In the shop. Behind the glass. You look your best. You wait. ‘Take me home!” you call, as quietly as imagination. ‘Take me Home”.   This Teddy Bear Shop is the veryContinue reading “Bears in Shops Just Want To Go Home”

Free the Bears, by Mary Hutton and Julie Miller

Mission of Free The Bears: To protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world. Mawson’s guardian Mark says: Today I am proud to talk about the book ‘Free The Bears’. It is the story of a rescue organisation which I have supported for twenty years. This fascinating and often heartbreaking read isContinue reading “Free the Bears, by Mary Hutton and Julie Miller”

Listening: A Guide for Bears

Fellow Baffled Ones, Everybody needs a listener sometimes. It’s grand to be trusted to be the listen-ee, Umm the hearing-er-er, Bother, the umm, friend who will listen. Sometimes a friend won’t even know where to start. You can be a good listener then just by waiting. If you don’t know what to say to them,Continue reading “Listening: A Guide for Bears”

Meet Mawson’s Cousin, Sir Peregrine Flaxton-Pauncefoot

Fellow Baffled Ones, Meet my esteemed cousin, Sir Peregrine Flaxton-Pauncefoot  (“Do call me Perry, old chaps”). These days Sir Peregrine, umm, Perry,  resides in Queensland, Australia, lolling among cushions, accepting cuddles, pondering about dapper bow ties, perusing literature and sampling certain particular types of grape juice. When Perry first arrived in this country, though, he hadContinue reading “Meet Mawson’s Cousin, Sir Peregrine Flaxton-Pauncefoot”

My Splendid Career As A Bear About Town

Dear fellow Baffled Ones, There may have been no ME, once. No Mawson at all, fancy that! Then, one day I found myself sort of There. Yes, There I Was! I was sitting .. hmm .. Where was it now? In a shop, that’s where. I heard a cry well up from deep down inContinue reading “My Splendid Career As A Bear About Town”

Whoosh Control is Ready to Whirl

Fellow Baffled Ones, As every one knows, it takes the bravest of the brave to get an annual wash.  Our Scotland the Brave here demonstrates his own procedure. We do not recommend this for fellow Baffled Ones at home. Ready for whoosh-off. Me, Mawson: Wash Control to Scotty: You don’t have to do this. GrubbyContinue reading “Whoosh Control is Ready to Whirl”

Writer Bears aren’t afraid to ask for help

Dear fellow Baffled Ones, While creating She Ran Away From Love, by Me, Mawson, we bears discovered that to make a book just right, there must be lots of pondering, writing, editing and (shudder) revision. It was all so much work that I kept falling into a nap, worn out. But my helpers kept atContinue reading “Writer Bears aren’t afraid to ask for help”

Story Board Conference for ‘She Ran Away From Love’

Hello fellow Baffled Ones, Director Scotland the Brave called a Conference. All the Pictures to be in my coming book got pondered about. Again. All the Words that go with the Pictures were talked about. Again. This is called (shudder) Revison and (gulp) Editing. Frilly listened intently because she is the star. I already did muchContinue reading “Story Board Conference for ‘She Ran Away From Love’”