Shakespeare’s Bear, By Harry Oxford

How could we not love Mummer, the splendid hairy central character of Shakespeare’s Bear. Mummer wins hearts and friends during his pampered cub-hood in the household of William the playwright, and even later in perilous London (‘the worst place in England for a bear.’). Through his eyes and ears and especially his nose, we readersContinue reading “Shakespeare’s Bear, By Harry Oxford”

Bernice Takes A Plunge, by Ann Harth

‘Bernice Peppercorn’s imagination fills her mind and her notebooks with adventure and intrigue‘ (From the back cover of Bernice Takes A Plunge.) When our Tedettes saw the cover of this book they just HAD to read it. On the back cover are some of their favourite words, ‘imagination’, ‘notebooks’, ‘adventure’ and ‘intrigue’; and on theContinue reading “Bernice Takes A Plunge, by Ann Harth”

Tell Me A Story, Babushka, by Carola Schmidt

“Would you like a story about a princess, Karina?” “Maybe one of those stories about a princess and monsters, Baba.” The direction Baba’s story takes surprises herself as well as her granddaughter. This folk tale ‘about memories and families’ begins with a lovely cottage in the Ukraine and a little girl ‘poor of money butContinue reading “Tell Me A Story, Babushka, by Carola Schmidt”

Chubbys Tale, The True Story of a Teddy Bear Who Beat Cancer, by Carola Schmidt

Mawson’s Guardian Mark is proud to talk today about a bear so brave that all of Mawson’s friends are very impressed. On reading Chubby’s Tale this Guardian learned things about leukemia treatment he didn’t know. It’s a grand book for children who have this sickness (and their bears). It’s also very helpful for the Grownups whoContinue reading “Chubbys Tale, The True Story of a Teddy Bear Who Beat Cancer, by Carola Schmidt”

The Adventures of Firebolt. This is going to be Furtastic!

Mawson’s Guardian Says: Calling all dogs, cats, and fur-friends.  Flop your bellies down and flap your ears up, for we have news. Now available are ( the Furtastics! Now everyone can enjoy the adventures of Shelby and her friends as they gain super powers, discover the hero life – and get to wear great costumes! We’veContinue reading “The Adventures of Firebolt. This is going to be Furtastic!”

Free the Bears, by Mary Hutton and Julie Miller

Mission of Free The Bears: To protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world. Mawson’s guardian Mark says: Today I am proud to talk about the book ‘Free The Bears’. It is the story of a rescue organisation which I have supported for twenty years. This fascinating and often heartbreaking read isContinue reading “Free the Bears, by Mary Hutton and Julie Miller”

Nana Scrappy, by Ryan Cochrane

“Life was good, Nana Scrappy was thinking to herself as she poured another cup of herbal tea.” Mawson’s Guardian Mark says: With her lovely house, her careful routines, and her beautiful garden cared for by Eugene O’Squirrel, Nana’s life is indeed good. She is even going to be awarded for her superb home grown cabbages.Continue reading “Nana Scrappy, by Ryan Cochrane”

Readers Favourite 5 stars for: It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost In

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite. It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In, by Mawson, is a book for children of all ages written by Mawson Bear, who is otherwise known as Mark O’Dwyer. A bear’s world is bright and shiny, and filled with infinite possibility, but sometimes waiting for that special someoneContinue reading “Readers Favourite 5 stars for: It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost In”

Heart of Brass, by Felicity Banks, first of the Antipodean Queen series

Heart of Brass by Felicity Banks is published by Odyssey Books , “where books are an adventure”. This book certainly is an adventure! AND you get a bonus story in a Choose Your Own Adventure supplement. More about that soon. Society doesn’t allow young men to marry science experiments. Straight from that first line we steam intoContinue reading “Heart of Brass, by Felicity Banks, first of the Antipodean Queen series”

Magic In The Mail, created by Felicity Banks

FELICITY BANKS, creator of Emmeline Muchamore, heroine of the Antipodean Queen Series, also writes Interactive Fiction where you not only read but, as the term suggests, you also get involved. It’s a different and absorbing way of reading, and its suitable for all ages. There are adventures, murder mysteries (Murder in the Mail) and magical ones. The storiesContinue reading “Magic In The Mail, created by Felicity Banks”

The Esme Trilogy: Esme’s Wish, by Elizabeth Foster

“I’m going to find out what happened to you, Mum, no matter what.” Mark, guardian of Mawson Bear says: From the startling opening wedding scene of Esme’s Wish to the highly satisfying conclusion, this novel aimed at younger readers is a fine read for those of any age who still yearn for wondrous worlds. ThisContinue reading “The Esme Trilogy: Esme’s Wish, by Elizabeth Foster”

The Private World of Georgette Heyer, by Jane Aiken Hodge

Considered queen of the Regency romance, Georgette Heyer is one of the most beloved historical novelists of our time. As Hodge states in the Foreword of her biography: ” She gave her name to a recognisable genre of fiction”. Thrilled by Jane Austen’s books, the Tedettes looked about for more Regency novels. They’ve now got their pawsContinue reading “The Private World of Georgette Heyer, by Jane Aiken Hodge”