Lionel The Lion Seeks His Fore-Lions: Pt One.

Hello fellow Baffled Ones. Here you see Gavin (with bowtie) with Lionel The Lion and Koala (with cute ears) and other friends. They were looking at books one day, as stuffies do, when no one is looking. Lionel asked “So where is this place in the pictures?” Gavin replied, ” Right here, Lionel, where weContinue reading “Lionel The Lion Seeks His Fore-Lions: Pt One.”

BeeBear’s Concert

Our BeeBear trills at her very own socially distanced public concert. Our BeeBear loves to trill and humm and buzz and sing. Usually, when she is fluttering about parks and gardens, there is an appreciative audience. People having lunch, people dozing, doves and magpies picking up the melody. But what is a BeeBear to doContinue reading “BeeBear’s Concert”

BeeBear vs The Ace Baron

Hum along with us, friends, to the famous tune of “Snoopy’s Christmas’* . This song , of course, starred the illustrious Snoopy taking on ‘The Red Baron’. Here we do a version with our own dare devil aviators. BeeBear plays Snoopy’s role and our Flyer Bear has volunteered to be The Ace Baron. Get readyContinue reading “BeeBear vs The Ace Baron”

Those Magnificent Bears in Their Flying Machines

Hum along with us, friends: ‘ Those magnificent bears in their flying machines, They go up, tiddly up, up ..” ‘They come down, tiddly, down .. Ouch! .. down, down’. They enchant all the watchers, And steal all the scenes, Those birds and those bears, With their wings and machines.’ ” Oh those bears andContinue reading “Those Magnificent Bears in Their Flying Machines”

Mawson Bear’s Bright Web-World of Friends

Jamaica, Bhutan, Armenia, Morocco, Greece, Nepal, Canada, Belgium?’Umm, Yes. Here they are.‘Scotland, Japan, Russia, France, Korea, Iceland, Norway?’Oh, indeed, yes.‘Brazil, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Georgia, New Zealand?’Let’s see .. Those too.‘Kazakstan, Kenya, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Finland?’All of them yes. Keep going, Mawson.‘Umm Bearistan, Hippoland, Dragons Vale, The Ocean, Lilpondia …’.What, Mawson, Ocean?Continue reading “Mawson Bear’s Bright Web-World of Friends”

Opening The Box of Dreamy Days

High excitement at Mawson’s House. Scotland the Brave, doer of brave deeds and resident post-bear, has seen a box arrive in the mail. Could this contain Mawson’s writer-bear copies of his new book, Dreamy Days and Random Naps? All bears scramble. They tumble off beds and roll off cushions and head towards the exciting box.Continue reading “Opening The Box of Dreamy Days”

Meet the stars of Dreamy Days and Random Naps: The Professors

Hello Fellow Baffled Ones. We are the Professors Bears in Mawson’s House. I am Professor Caddy, and I love chocolate. Also, I love grand ideas, big ponders, plump possibilities, and incredible inventions. We have high hopes that these will help all our friends one day, umm, when we get them right. And here with meContinue reading “Meet the stars of Dreamy Days and Random Naps: The Professors”

Meet Scotland The Brave

Hello Fellow Baffled Ones. My name is Scotland the Brave. I was the first bear to arrive in Mawson’s house after Mawson. My job was to sit in the microwave oven and get warm and then get close to people and make them feel comfortable. Mawson was amazed I went into the oven. ‘You areContinue reading “Meet Scotland The Brave”

Meet the bears in Dreamy Days and Random Naps: Samantha

Hello Fellow Baffled Ones, my name is Samantha. I was found sitting on a shelf in a shop called Good Samaratins. Here in The Land of Oz* people call this shop ‘Good Sammys’. Perhaps landing in a shop all by myself was rather a shock because I hardly remember anything before that. One day, IContinue reading “Meet the bears in Dreamy Days and Random Naps: Samantha”

Mawson Bear’s Not-A-Bear Friends

Dear Fellow Baffled Ones, I could say, Dear Fellow Bears. But I know not ALL of you are bears. And not everyone in my house is a bear either. All sorts of creatures arrive. Some wandered in because they had lost their old homes and some arrived in boxes and baskets as gifts of love.Continue reading “Mawson Bear’s Not-A-Bear Friends”

Hilda Bear and Lionel the Ferocious Lion Visit the House Frogs

Fellow Baffled Ones, greetings. What kind of explorations are you doing around your house? Houses are grand places to go exploring and visiting. Today our Hilda Bear is setting off to visit the House Frogs. Hilda enjoys knitting and wearing hats. She likes to make sure everyone in the house is feeling comfortable. Last timeContinue reading “Hilda Bear and Lionel the Ferocious Lion Visit the House Frogs”

Explorations to Do Indoors: Hilda Bear visits the Door Stop Family

Fellow Baffled Ones, greetings. Here is our Hilda Bear. Hilda enjoys knitting and wearing hats. She likes to make sure everyone in the house is feeling comfortable. When she isn’t knitting she likes to visit them all. Today she is going to visit our Door Stop family. Hilda’s first stop (chuckle) on our way isContinue reading “Explorations to Do Indoors: Hilda Bear visits the Door Stop Family”