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Bother With Bonnets at The Tedettes Jane Austen Book Club

Dear fellow Baffled Ones,

At The Tedettes’ Jane Austen Book Club, confusion reigns. No one seems to be able to find the the correct period style of bonnets. Wedding veils, sun hats, sleeping hats and Bonnie Bear’s bonny tartan bonnet do not seem to be quite right. But they do go on the head, so they will have to do.

As for wearing the correct period style of spectacles, all hope seems lost.

BearsBooksAusten1 Small 2081

Obviously the Tedettes have got their paws on a pile of Austen books. Possibly a ‘Janite’, an ‘Austenphile’, lives in this house. So which of Jane Austen books are our fellow bears reading when no-one is about? (Lets agree that Honeypot is reading, even though she seems to be asleep. Again.)

And they’re off! The Tedettes are rapidly entangled in subplots and knitting. Are they reading Emma? Chocolate Makers Abbey, ummm, Pride and Bears.. sorry, Pride and Prejudice?  Lady Susan?

In the next posts you can see The Teddettes learning more about Jane Austen, her novels, and the Regency.

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“Just pure magic. A bear’s love is never far away and can be shared and passed on through generations.” Susan Hampson, of Books From Dawn To Dusk.

Mawson Bear’s Not-A-Bear Friends

Dear Fellow Baffled Ones,

I could say, Dear Fellow Bears. But I know not ALL of you are bears. And not everyone in my house is a bear either. All sorts of creatures arrive. Some wandered in because they had lost their old homes and some arrived in boxes and baskets as gifts of love. They looked about and felt safe and welcome, and they decided to stay forever. Ours feels like that sort of house – a Forever House.

In our first family portrait of our Not-Bears, we have the penguins, parrots, roosters, chickens, ducks (wearing boots), and ducks (snoozing). Everyone feels comfortable. Umm, is somebody on my head?

Friends of Me, Mawson, who are not bears at all.

And here is our next family photo. You might all recognise Lionel our ferocious lion and .. Where is Lionel? I can’t see him. Probably asleep somewhere. Lionel spends a lot of time sleeping, which is a wise thing to do. Between sleeps he helped our Hilda Bear visit the House Frogs.

Our not-bear friends from Africa. Except for the ones who aren’t

Lionel and all my friends here are from Deepest Africa. Ummm, wait, Heffy the Heffalump is telling me something … Really Heffy? … Oh, it seems that she and Gerry and Geraldine Giraffe are from Rather Sunny Savannah Africa. Errr, a moment please … Ahhh, the Hippo Slippers now tell me they are from Quite Shallow Waters Africa themselves. Fancy that. Africa must be quite big.

Umm, the pink fellow and the blue fellow? They are the Old Goats. They and the mice on my lap and and Tammy Turtle are quite possibly not from Deepest Africa or Shallowest Africa or Sunniest Africa at all but they wanted to be in the photo too. Where is that Lionel?

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Mawson is a Ponderer of Baffling Things (between naps) and the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In  and She Ran Away From Love.

‘This little story made me well up. A lovely, poignant story with delightful illustrations.’ Jackie Law, Amazon Top 500 reviewer.

Hilda Bear and Lionel the Ferocious Lion Visit the House Frogs

Fellow Baffled Ones, greetings. What kind of explorations are you doing around your house? Houses are grand places to go exploring and visiting.

Today our Hilda Bear is setting off to visit the House Frogs. Hilda enjoys knitting and wearing hats. She likes to make sure everyone in the house is feeling comfortable. Last time she visited the Door Stop Family.

Today she put down her knitting  and asked our ferocious lion, Lionel, to join her on a tour of the house frogs. Lionel was a bit sleepy – he sleeps most of the time – but was happy to see different parts of the house.

Hilda Bedfrogs 047

First Hilda and Lionel  checked on the Bedroom Frogs. These frogs reported that they were very comfortable indeed.

Hilda Fisherfrogs 045

Next they came to the Mantlepiece Frogs. While Hilda and Lady Frog admired each other’s hats, Fisher Frog gave Lionel fishing tips. Lie-About-Under-A-Leaf Frog shared tips with Lionel about being as relaxed as possible.

Hilda BingeFrogs 040

Next, Hilda took Lionel all the way over the room to the Television Frogs. All the little Television Frogs seemed to be mesmerized by Lionel. They had only seen lions on the telly before. They were under the impression that lions were terribly fierce and scary. Lionel assured them that although he was indeed a scary and ferocious lion, he usually felt too sleepy to do anything about it.

Hilda Mrbullfrog 041

Over by the stereo sat Big Bull Frog and his friends.  Big Bull first arrived in the house as one of the Doorstop Family. Big Bull did not like the stress of the door-stopping job. It played havoc with his suit and tie and hat. Just when he was in the middle of adjusting his bowtie, for instance, he’d have to work the door. So he retired from door-stopping. These days, he can meticulously adjust his attire all day long without interruption. In the way of old Gentleman frogs, he likes to tell the little frogs and any visitors tales of past lily ponds and swamps that he has splashed through. He warns them to avoid such places -they are dreadfully messy.

Lionel listened avidly to Old Bull. He had never sat on a lily pad in a pond and was keen to hear all about it. Old Bull was pleased to have such a listener. “You are a scholar and a gentleman, Lionel’, he croaked.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Mawson is a Ponderer of Baffling Things (between naps) and the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In  and She Ran Away From Love.

‘Reading this book is like receiving a great big hug of reassurance and a huge hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows.’ Review of Bright World by Lady Bracknell

Explorations to Do Indoors: Hilda Bear visits the Door Stop Family

Fellow Baffled Ones, greetings. Here is our Hilda Bear. Hilda enjoys knitting and wearing hats. She likes to make sure everyone in the house is feeling comfortable. When she isn’t knitting she likes to visit them all. Today she is going to visit our Door Stop family.

Hilda 003

Hilda’s first stop (chuckle) on our way is with Owly Homebody Stop. Homebody likes the feel of gentle breezes from the window at night. From his door he can often see up and out through the window to the night sky. He likes the sky.

HildaOwllrg 016

Further along  we come to Owly Passageway Stop. Hilda and Passageway admire each other’s sense of colour and style. They often discuss hats and fabrics and patterns. Passageway often feels pleasantly warm from the dappled sunlight that comes through the windows along the way and can sometimes see birds. She has never seen an owl out there though.

HildaOwl2lrg 011

Wandering along, Hilda reaches Penguin Stop. Penguin has an important door to Stop but his duties are light. He only has to work when the wind blows really strongly against the front door. Most of the time he chats the day away with the floor ducks by the potted plant.

HildaPenglrg 017

Over by the family room entrance Hilda meets up with Dora Cat Stop. Dora is a good source of gossip. She has the prime central position to see all the comings and goings.  Hilda likes to catch up on what Dora has noticed lately. Has Dora, for instance, noticed the fridge being refilled with Honey-Choco-Mello-Creams? If so, Hilda will let Mawson know and raids on the fridge will be attempted by the bravest of the bears. But today Dora’s news is disappointing: no honey-choco-mell-cream shipments to report.  Oh, and who is that in the background?

HildaDoralrge 013

Yes, its Shaun Sheep Stop. Shawn is our latest Door Stop Family member. He still looks bewildered by his new surroundings. Hilda has visited every day to reassure him but he still looks like a,well, a lost sheep.

Dora confided to Hilda that she thinks Shaun might always look bewildered. ‘He’s just that sort of sheep, Hilda’, says Dora.

HildaShawnlrge 012

Do you have a Door Stop family? Do they like hats too? Do they look sheepish? Do they like to gossip? What about Owls? And have you spotted movements of Honey-Choco-Mello-Creams into a fridge near you?

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Mawson is a Ponderer of Baffling Things (between naps) and the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In‘Reading this book is like receiving a great big hug of reassurance and a huge hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows.’ Review by Lady Bracknell

Magic Arrives in our Mail: Feuding Fae

Mail has arrived! Word has gone out to every cushion, bed and lounge in Mawson’s castle. Word on the carpet is that inside this seemingly innocent looking parcel there is a magical tale.

Magic open 1 3162

The Tedettes crowd around the Magic parcel that arrived in the Mail.

Young Jewell (in striped sleeping hat) tells everyone that only a magic sword will work for the opening. Bonnet and Oscar, recoiling away, are not so sure, especially as Jewell seems got hold of the wrong end of it. Samantha (far left) brought her pet Dino along. Dino wants to know more about these rumoured Phoenixes. Suspicious creatures, Phoenixes, Dino is thinking.

The Magical Mail was posted from far away – where steampunk heroines and water dragons live – by FELICITY BANKS . And this is what is in it:

Magic in the Mail: Feuding Fae

“This is a tale of two missing magical creatures; a phoenix and a water dragon. The missing ones have left a trail of art behind them. Can you help find them before it’s too late?”

What happens is, you get parcels in the post! Not just a book but a parcel with Things In It. Inside are artworks and CLUES. You can see examples of the artwork at Felicity’s Home on the Web right here.

You begin to read the story about the water dragons and the phonenixs. There has been a disappearance, possibly a kidnapping. Oh dear. You read the stories and letters and notes and clues. And discuss them all (there is a noticeboard where readers and players can discuss it). And you puzzle out what is going on. You might end up still completly baffled so far and have to wait for the next clues in the next parcel.

Magic open 2 3163

Frenzied unwrapping of the Magic in the Mail

Oh look, inside the outside parcel is an inside parcel! Frenzied unwrapping ensures. Stay tuned.

Interactive Fiction:

Felicity writes other Interactive Fiction too. As with Feuding Fae, you don’t just read but get involved. They are also known as Choose Your Own Adventure Stories. It’s a different and absorbing way of reading, and its suitable for all ages. In fact, people of all ages could do it together and take a break from the telly.
Excited by the whole idea of Interactive Stories? Consider Murder in the Mail. Dastardly deeds are done and, as the clues arrive in your mail, you get to be the detective. Again, the clues are in various forms including original art. For more Interactive games and stories have a look at IFDB, a database about them.

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Gustav and the Ironing

Greetings fellow Baffled Ones,

My name is Gustav.

4 Gustav

 I like words and poems.
And I like the ironing.
Ironing is so peaceful.

5 Ironing 2115

I can sit and watch it all day long.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den.  Between naps in gardens, Mawson ponders about Baffling Things. He is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In .

“The book brings back such nostalagic memories that it made it comforting, like a  old security blanket.”  FNM Book reviews.