What do your bears want for Christmas? Books, of course!

Mawson’s Guardian Says: Fortunately, we happen to know about books that are entirely suitable for your bears. They are suitable too for everyone you know who loves them. Oh yes, our Mawson the Writer-bear’s little books are just the thing for your bunch of Stuffies to get their paws on. And you can read themContinue reading “What do your bears want for Christmas? Books, of course!”

She Ran Away From Love, by Mawson. A Picture Book for Grown Ups

Have you ever indulged in a picture book for an adult? Well, I discovered the author of two picture books entitled ‘It’s a Bright New World to Feel Lost In’ and ‘She Ran Away From Love’. As picture books for adults, these books are unique and perfect as gift books.  Mawson Bear has followed meContinue reading “She Ran Away From Love, by Mawson. A Picture Book for Grown Ups”

Free the Bears, by Mary Hutton and Julie Miller

‘Mission of Free The Bears: To protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world.’ Mawson’s Guardian Mark says: Today I am proud to talk about the book ‘Free The Bears‘. It is the story of a rescue organisation which I have supported for twenty years. This fascinating and often heartbreaking read isContinue reading “Free the Bears, by Mary Hutton and Julie Miller”

Noble Reader, Dare Ye Battle the Dread Foe?

Mawson Bear’s Guardian writes: Your mission, Noble Reader, should you choose to accept it, is to challenge the Dark Lord that holds all Writers (and this one Writer-Bear) in its thrall. Only the trusty keyboard of the Doughty Reader (that’s you, of course) can quell this Fearful Thing. What, you wonder, could this Horror be?Continue reading “Noble Reader, Dare Ye Battle the Dread Foe?”

Opening The Box of Dreamy Days

High excitement at Mawson’s House. Scotland the Brave, doer of brave deeds and resident post-bear, has seen a box arrive in the mail. Could this contain Mawson’s writer-bear copies of his new book, Dreamy Days and Random Naps? All bears scramble. They tumble off beds and roll off cushions and head towards the exciting box.Continue reading “Opening The Box of Dreamy Days”

Dreaming of Being A Writer-Bear?

I am a very lucky bear. Not many writer-bears get published these days. But I now have Too umm, no, Three books out there in the wide bright world. One is called It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In and the my Number Too book is She Ran Away From Love. And now, aContinue reading “Dreaming of Being A Writer-Bear?”

‘I Must Keep My Own Style and Go My Own Way’: The Tedettes Jane Austen Bookclub

The Tedettes are thrilled to find a letter written by their heroine in 1815. The letter is addressed to the personal librarian of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. Fancy having a personal librarian! The prince was the Regent. That means he was being the king even though he wasn’t. This can be baffling toContinue reading “‘I Must Keep My Own Style and Go My Own Way’: The Tedettes Jane Austen Bookclub”

Bernice Takes A Plunge, by Ann Harth

‘Bernice Peppercorn’s imagination fills her mind and her notebooks with adventure and intrigue‘ (From the back cover of Bernice Takes A Plunge.) When our Tedettes saw the cover of this book they just HAD to read it. On the back cover are some of their favourite words, ‘imagination’, ‘notebooks’, ‘adventure’ and ‘intrigue’; and on theContinue reading “Bernice Takes A Plunge, by Ann Harth”