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The Tedettes Jane Austen Book Club and Bonnets

Dear fellow Baffled Ones,

At The Tedettes’ Jane Austen Book Club, confusion reigns. No one seems to be able to find the the correct period style of bonnets. Wedding veils, sun hats, sleeping hats and Bonnie Bear’s bonny tartan bonnet do not seem to be quite right. But they do go on the head, so they will have to do.

As for wearing the correct period style of spectacles, all hope seems lost.

BearsBooksAusten1 Small 2081

Obviously the Tedettes have got their paws on a pile of Austen books. Possibly a ‘Janite’, an ‘Austenphile’, lives in this house. So which of Jane Austen books are our fellow bears reading when no-one is about? (Lets agree that Honeypot is reading, even though she seems to be asleep. Again.)

And they’re off! The Tedettes are rapidly entangled in subplots and knitting. Are they reading Emma? Chocolate Makers Abbey, ummm, Pride and Bears.. sorry, Pride and Prejudice?  Lady Susan?

In the next posts you can see The Teddettes learning more about Jane Austen, her novels, and the Regency.

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“Just pure magic. A bear’s love is never far away and can be shared and passed on through generations.” Susan Hampson, of Books From Dawn To Dusk.

Bears Read Books: A Humm by Mawson Bear

Bears alone inside the house,
Plump with stuffing, full of nous.
Tempted by an open book,
Of course those bears will take a look.”

BearsReadBooks3 Small 2066

Happy reading fellow plushies.

Proudly posed by Wurree Bear, Andrew, Bomund, Me, and Lizbeth Bear. You will see all my fellow books in my books of ponders.

Octopus And Family by Annabelle Lee and Its A Bright World To Feel Lost In by Me, Mawson, are published by Odyssey Books.

“Just pure magic.  A bear’s love is never far away and can be shared and passed on through generations.” Susan Hampson, of Books From Dawn To Dusk.

You are in the web den of Mawson Bear, Ponderer of Baffling Things (between naps),  and Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In .

Babushka is Homesick, by Carola Schmidt

Mawson’s Guardian Mark says: We met Babushka when she told a story to little Katrina in Tell Me A Story, Babushka. (Mawson read all about it on this post here.)

These days, Babushka lives surrounded by children and grandchildren. ‘For a matriarch, a house with children means joy.’ She gets the chance to journey back to Ukraine where she was born. In Babushka is Homesick we read of her excitement, her hopes and fears about the journey, and of what happens to her there.

Mawson is reading Babushka is Homesick, in which Babushka makes a journey to find the place that feels like Home.

‘Maybe she would have a sense of home in Ukraine – after many years far away from there .. She hoped she would feel like she belonged.’

Carola Schmidt is also the author of Tell Me a Story, Babushka and Chubby’s Tale: The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer.

This picture book for children, beautifully illustrated by Vinicius Melo, is an interesting read for adults too, especially if you are reading it along with a child or grandchild. For it brings back to the reader that lingering background feeling so many of us have experienced of not being quite anchored, of wondering what the place of our childhood is like nowadays, of homesickness in fact, and also of perhaps of not quite realising how much things have changed while we have grown and worked and loved in another place far away.

Babushka takes back lots of gifts including a matryoshka doll for grand daughter Katrina. But what gift does she take back that means most of all?

Where to find Babushka is HomesickAmazon, Book Authority, Book Depository (free shipping), and You can follow on Twitter too.

About the Author: Carola Schmidt, the author of the Babushka Tales series, is a Pediatric Oncology Pharmacist. For children who have leukaemia and their families she has created the uplifting Chubby’s Tale . Mawson and friends proudly reviewed Chubby’s brave story here. You can find Chubby on Twitter and on Facebook.

Carola’s Amazon Author Page is here where you can find these books and her other titles listed.

Mawson with some help from Mark, Mawson’s Guardian, reviewed Tell Me A Story, Babushka here, and Chubby’s Tale here.

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Tell Me A Story, Babushka, by Carola Schmidt

“Would you like a story about a princess, Karina?”

“Maybe one of those stories about a princess and monsters, Baba.”

Mawson Bear reads about what happens to a little girl in the story that Babushka tells.

The direction Baba’s story takes surprises herself as well as her granddaughter. This folk tale ‘about memories and families’ begins with a lovely cottage in the Ukraine and a little girl ‘poor of money but rich of soul.’ But all too soon the Monsters come. And everything changes forever.

What will happen to our princess and all the other children in this frightening world where the monsters roam? After sad events, the little girl finds a matryoshka doll, and inside the doll a message of hope. Will the children be able to escape to safety? Listen closely, as Babushka unfolds her story.

Mawson’s Guardian says: Who do you think the monsters might be? They are the soviet soldiers who, in 1932, stripped the Ukraine of so much grain that millions died of famine, and who transported thousands of people to Siberia. It is a hard story of awful history (‘The Holodomor’) and I am only now learning about it (!) in a deftly written children’s picture book.

I admire this approach to telling about a confronting subject. Using the form of a folk tale the author employs just enough words and no more. Being a children’s book, the illustrations by Vinicius Melo do not directly show awful things but the colours and details suggest more than enough, and the images are all the more powerful because of that. The contrast between Katrina’s gorgeous little cottage with the sleeping dog, for instance, and the harsh red sky and black silhouettes on the next page tells us in one instant how much her world has changed. In the picture of Katrina hiding under the bed in the darkness, everything in the shadows looks scary, even the old stove, and her big eyes show her terror.

With this story of drama and hope, Carola Schmidt has, I think, created a wonderful little book that confronts a hard part of history that will intrigue grownups as well as children.

Boumund Bear and Mawson read three of Carola Schmidt’s books, Tell Me A Story Babushka, Babushka is Homesick and Chubby’s Tale.

About the Author: Carola Schmidt, the author of the Babushka Tales series, is a Pediatric Oncology Pharmacist. She has written scientific books on paediatric oncology and also, for children and their families, Chubby’s Tale . Mawson and friends proudly read and reviewed Chubby’s brave story here. You can find Chubby on Twitter and on Facebook.

Carola’s Amazon Author Page is here where you can find these books and her other titles listed.

The next post on Mawson’s den will be about Babushka is Homesick.

Where to find Tell Me A Story BabushkaAmazon, Book Authority, Book Depository, and Follow on Twitter too

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Mawson is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In . “Reading this book is like receiving a great big hug of reassurance and a huge hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows.” Review by Lady Bracknell

Is Your Child-Within A Bit Neglected? A Picture Book for Weary Grownups

Hello fellow baffled ones,

I was just sitting on my cushion pondering about Things.

1 Pondering Small No text

Oh, Look. It looks like a gift.

2 Gift Small No text

Could it be for Me, Mawson?

3Couldbefor me Small 2055

It is! It is a gift for me. And oh my goodness!

4 It is small 2056

It’s by me too!

BW Maws Sunflower Book 3 2684

It’s A Bright World to Feel Lost In, by Me, Mawson
is published by Odyssey Books.

“Like the aroma of freshly baked bread or the sound of your child laughing, Mawson’s simple (but never simplistic) book hits its mark in a way that you will intuitively understand but will not be able to put into words.” Dan Djurdevic, author of the remarkable Mirror Image of Sound.

Where to find it. You can plonk your paw here, or order it through Book Depository (free shipping all over the world). Also at Amazon and and and, oh! all over the place.

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Chubbys Tale, The True Story of a Teddy Bear Who Beat Cancer, by Carola Schmidt

Mawson’s Guardian Mark is proud to talk today about a bear so brave that all of Mawson’s friends are very impressed.

On reading Chubby’s Tale this Guardian learned things about leukemia treatment he didn’t know. It’s a grand book for children who have this sickness (and their bears). It’s also very helpful for the Grownups who want to know more about it because the explanations given to Chubby by Dr Doll are so clear and understandable. Grownups and children can talk about it together as they read.

ChubbyReading1 147
Chubby’s Tale helps children to learn about Leukemia

The Story: Chubby has a good job sitting on a shelf in the La La Land Toy Store waiting for someone to take him home. But he doesn’t feel well.

Urged by his shelf neighbour, Superhero, he sets off to find help. Guardian Angel in the Christmas Department knows what Chubby has to do: he must see a Doctor.  La La Land is a big store and Chubby has a long way to go. The yellow Beetle car takes him all the way. 

ChubbyReading2 148
Gustave, HB Bear, Scruffy and Mawson read about Chubby travelling to see the Doctor

Dr Doll gets right to work. Chubby learns about exams and blood tests and scientists and pharmacists and cancer cells. It’s not good news! On the other hand, Dr Doll knows the right kind of treatment. She explains all about it with useful diagrams.

ChubbyReading3 149
Explaining about bone marrow matching

We follow Chubby’s brave journey. The chemotherapy makes some of his hair fall out. Oh dear, who will take home from the shop a teddy with bald patches?  How does it all work out?  Well, that’s all in this book which I (and Mawson and his friends) recommend highly.

Where to find Chubby’s Book: Book Authority (where Chubby is ranked in Best Leukaemia books of all time),  Amazon, Book Depository, and You can also follow Chubby on Twitter and on Facebook.

Chubby’s Tale  is illustrated by Frederico Schmidt. Carola Schmidt, the author, is a Pediatric Oncology Pharmacist and also author of several scientific books on paediatric oncology.

Carola also wrote Bald is Beautiful: A Letter for a Fabulous Girl, a book about ‘about love, beauty, happiness, and friendship when going through various changes in our lives ‘. Find it at Amazon and Abebooks.

And next here in Mawson Bear’s web den you can see us reading Tell Me A Story Babushka, by Carola Schmidt.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Mawson is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In . Reading this book is like receiving a great big hug of reassurance and a huge hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows.” Review by Lady Bracknell

The Adventures of Firebolt. This is going to be Furtastic!

Mawson’s Guardian Says: Calling all dogs, cats, and fur-friends.  Flop your bellies down and flap your ears up, for we have news. Now available are ( the Furtastics!

Now everyone can enjoy the adventures of Shelby and her friends as they gain super powers, discover the hero life – and get to wear great costumes!


We’ve been thrilled to read the first adventure of The Adventures of Firebolt.  My goodness, this is just the right sort of read for Little People and all those who love them. It’s just right for reading aloud and smiling together at what Shelby gets up to.

In the opening story we meet Shelby. She is an ordinary dog who likes to play catch and snuggle on the recliner along side her friend Chester the Cat. Then, one morning, after a mysterious encounter with her water bowl, she gains super powers. She doesn’t even realise it at first. But with Chester’s help, and a great costume, Shelby can become Firebolt!

 Firebolt is based on Shelby, the heroine dog from the 2019 movie A Dogs Way HomeWe are going to also meet Fast Eddie, Captain K9 and Aero Star. ( Here you can see the inspiration for Fast Eddie – what a hero!)

We are also excited by the motivation behind these stories, which authors Debbie Pearl and Brittany Nicole Lewis describe as follows:  “Teaching children “invisible lessons” with stories that promote healing and well-being, bringing happiness and comfort to children all over the world. “

You can sniff out The Adventures of Firebolt, of course, on Amazon.

And follow Firebolt and his Furtastic friends on Twitter here and you can also get links to video teasers . Learn more about Firebolt and the Furtastics and their creators at

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Mawson is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In .
Reading this book is like receiving a great big hug of reassurance and a huge hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows.” Review by Lady Bracknell

The Writer-bear copies of She Ran Away From Love arrive

Mawson’s Guardian Says: Excitement spreads through Mawson’s House. A box has arrived. Could it contain Mawson’s writer-bear copies? Bears roll off cushions and waddle over to see. Bomund and Gold Paws open the top. Frilly strains to see.

SRA Opening 1 small 3257

Bomund and Gold Paws push the box over. Wurry Bear climbs over the top and almost falls inside trying to see. Yes, there are books inside! Frilly runs into the box. Pink books! Yes,  She Ran Away From Love is real. It’s a book. It’s ready for the wide bright world.

SRA Opening 2 3261

Everyone wants to read the story of Frilly’s quest. They all know it well. They all helped make the words and pictures. But to actually hold the BOOK and turn the pages is so exciting.

SRA Opening Reading 2 small 3266

So now our Mawson is the proud Writer-Bear of TWO books: She Ran Away From Love, his new book, featuring Frilly, and of course,  It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den.  Between naps among cushions, Mawson ponders about Baffling Things.
‘The book brings back such nostalagic memories that it made it comforting, like a  old security blanket.’  FNM Book reviews about Bright World.

Valiant Reader, You can help the writers (and writer-bears) of the world

Mawson Bear’s Guardian Mark speaks: As you know our Mawson is a Writer-Bear. She Ran Away From Love  is his brand new book. It features a small heroine called Frilly who goes on a Quest. I’m sure lots of people (and their bears) will love Frilly, if only they knew about her. And it is the same for every writer: if only readers knew about their books!

THE POWER OF REVIEWS: Writers need YOUR help. When you are quiet sort of writer (or writer-bear) it is not easy to be heard out there in the wide world.

WHERE CAN YOU REVIEW: You can place your own review about a book, which can be as little as one sentence, on Amazon and Good Reads . Reviews are also welcomed on Barnes and Noble (USA), Waterstones (UK), and Chapters Indigo (Canada), and Library Thing .

Books by Mawson, one of this bright world’s few published writer bears

TIPS if you are new to the world of on-line book reviews.

About your name: You don’t have to leave your name if you don’t want to. You can be anonymous.

About where to put your review. You click on the information about the book at the sellers page. For instance, here are links to She Ran Away From Love:  Amazon, GoodReads, Bears Are Noble, sorry, Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo

After you find the book you have read, scroll down past the book’s description and click on ‘Leave A Review’, or ‘Write Your Own Review’.

The Bother part: This takes you to a Customer page where you need to sign in. If you haven’t before used that book retailer you also need to register to do so. This is a bother, I know.

The Fun part: But then comes the fun: smiting away at the Star Ratings. If you are an excitable sort of person, or if you love the book, just keep on smiting. Smite Thrice!!! Smite Fourfold!!!! And, yea even unto Five times!!!!!   Disappointingly, the Retailers don’t let us smiteth more than five  times, even if you have got into the rhythm of the thing.

Sir Scotland the Brave smites the keyboard
Sir Scotland The Brave Smiteth the Keyboard Most Valiantly. Most of the titles you see here are from Odyssey Books, Mawson’s brave publisher

Writing some thoughts about the book: You will see a field where you can say things. Here, if you wish, you can write a line, or many lines, about the book. Then click Submit.  Valiantly done! And what happens now?

The power of the reader. Yes, that’s You: The Algorithms that decide the fate of writers, and writer-bears, now record that some one (You) has taken the trouble to review this book. These mysterious Algorithms perk up with interest .They calculate lots of thingygums. The visibility and ranking of  Mawson’s book titles (and of any writer you kindly review) now gets bumped up a bit.

Having tasted your awesome power, why stop there? You can copy what you have written and go to any other on-line retailer, to as many as you like, depending on how mighty waxeth your Smiting arm that day, and you can paste in the same review. It all adds up. And up. And UP. And it means lots of people will fall in love with our Frilly, just like you.

Your boon companions: Doubtless there are other bold readers among your boon companions. Share on this very post, so that they too may do these valiant deeds!  We writers (and one writer-bear) will never disavow your selfless mission!

Please let me know if you would be interested in doing a review for She Ran Away From Love . If you would like to help to tell the bright world about Frilly, i can send you a PDF copy.  Don’t fear that the world ‘review’ means an essay is required. Short remarks are fine. Or just bash away at the star ratings.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den.  Between naps among cushions, Mawson ponders about Baffling Things. He is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In and of She Ran Away From Love.

‘The book brings back such nostalagic memories that it made it comforting, like a  old security blanket.’  FNM Book reviews about Bright World.

Magic Arrives in our Mail: Feuding Fae

Mail has arrived! Word has gone out to every cushion, bed and lounge in Mawson’s castle. Word on the carpet is that inside this seemingly innocent looking parcel there is a magical tale.

Magic open 1 3162

The Tedettes crowd around the Magic parcel that arrived in the Mail.

Young Jewell (in striped sleeping hat) tells everyone that only a magic sword will work for the opening. Bonnet and Oscar, recoiling away, are not so sure, especially as Jewell seems got hold of the wrong end of it. Samantha (far left) brought her pet Dino along. Dino wants to know more about these rumoured Phoenixes. Suspicious creatures, Phoenixes, Dino is thinking.

The Magical Mail was posted from far away – where steampunk heroines and water dragons live – by FELICITY BANKS . And this is what is in it:

Magic in the Mail: Feuding Fae

“This is a tale of two missing magical creatures; a phoenix and a water dragon. The missing ones have left a trail of art behind them. Can you help find them before it’s too late?”

What happens is, you get parcels in the post! Not just a book but a parcel with Things In It. Inside are artworks and CLUES. You can see examples of the artwork at Felicity’s Home on the Web right here.

You begin to read the story about the water dragons and the phonenixs. There has been a disappearance, possibly a kidnapping. Oh dear. You read the stories and letters and notes and clues. And discuss them all (there is a noticeboard where readers and players can discuss it). And you puzzle out what is going on. You might end up still completly baffled so far and have to wait for the next clues in the next parcel.

Magic open 2 3163

Frenzied unwrapping of the Magic in the Mail

Oh look, inside the outside parcel is an inside parcel! Frenzied unwrapping ensures. Stay tuned.

Interactive Fiction:

Felicity writes other Interactive Fiction too. As with Feuding Fae, you don’t just read but get involved. They are also known as Choose Your Own Adventure Stories. It’s a different and absorbing way of reading, and its suitable for all ages. In fact, people of all ages could do it together and take a break from the telly.
Excited by the whole idea of Interactive Stories? Consider Murder in the Mail. Dastardly deeds are done and, as the clues arrive in your mail, you get to be the detective. Again, the clues are in various forms including original art. For more Interactive games and stories have a look at IFDB, a database about them.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Between naps among cushions, Mawson ponders about Baffling Things. He is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In .

Free the Bears, by Mary Hutton and Julie Miller

Mission of Free The Bears: To protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world.

Mawson’s guardian Mark says: Today I am proud to talk about the book ‘Free The Bears’. It is the story of a rescue organisation which I have supported for twenty years. This fascinating and often heartbreaking read is about a long hard battle to better the lot of cruelly treated animals.

It is now widely known that for the sake of the supposed ‘properties’ of their bile thousands of bears have been imprisoned and cruelly treated. In Perth, Australia, one evening in 1993, Mary Hutton watched in horror as the first footage of the practice played on the TV. ‘It was the eyes that did it, those limpid black pools, pleading and frightened’. After weeks of sleepless nights she decided that she ‘had to do something’. But what? All she could think of was drawing up a handwritten petition and nervously standing in the local shopping centre.

‘Would you like to sign a petition to help the bears in China’, I said in a weak voice. ‘Too right I would, love! Just give me the bloody pencil’. .. After half an hour people were queuing to sign. Ch. 1

And so it began. A 55 year old housewife and mother soon found her name linked with the bears’ plight in newspapers, even Parliament. ‘What can we do to help?’, strangers began to ask. ‘It was then I realised I could not stop with this one petition .. I had to help free the bears, one step at a time’.

Free Bears Oora 2 2922

The sloth bear on the back cover had a miserable existance ‘dancing’ for tourists. Now he lives safe and pampered. In exchange, his Kandahar owner received seed money for a small business.

In the early days the small but fast growing group focused on raising money to direct to those on the ground, in particular Jill Robertson who later formed Animals Asia and who has done so much fine work. Out of the blue ‘Free The Bears’ was asked to help with little Sun bears in Cambodia and destined for a horrible fate (I will not describe it here: it still upsets me). This mission seemed impossible and was not helped by some idiocies of bureaucracy at the Australian end. But again, good people rallied: a member of Parliament, a television crew, an airline, Taronga zoo and many more. The saved bears, ‘Lucille’, ‘Victoria’, and ‘Mr Hobbs’ touched down in Sydney in 1997.

Since that time Free the Bears has worked ceaselessly, one step at a time, first in Cambodia then Laos and Vietnam, to build and run sanctuaries for the animals. Teaming with local groups and agencies, Free The Bears has helped raise awareness in these nations about their precious wildlife. Humans are helped too: some of the very villagers who, driven by extreme poverty, once poached bears, are now equipped and trained to be rangers, diligently protecting the wildlife in their territories.

Such was the success in Cambodia that Mary was approached in 2002 by Mrs Maneka Ghandi and Wildlife SOS of India. They wanted to do something both about the plight of sloth bears forced to ‘perform’ for tourists, and about the poverty of their owners, the Kandahar people. Could Free the bears help? Free the Bears did. More than five hundred bears later, a great day arrived in 2009.

I watch with a lump in my throat as Raju, the last known dancing bear of India, walks the road to freedom. This is animal welfare history in the making.

Free Bears Mawson Oora 1 Small

Mawson Bear has always sat up proudly in support of ‘Free The Bears’ which works for fellow bears everywhere.

Mary speaks not just of the good days and successes but of the struggles, the disappointments, and of personal loss. We are also confronted, sadly, with the seeming unending capacity of some humans for the ghastly treatment of animals. Some of the rescued bears were so badly injured and weak they could not survive. Others had lost limbs, or had organ troubles, or had lost all their teeth, or were blind. Twenty six years after Mary Hutton stood up alone in that shopping centre, and despite all the work achieved by Free the Bears, and by similar organisations around the world, the need is as great as ever. Yet every single bear rescued can now live a safe and pampered life in a sanctuary.

The light is back in their eyes.

Ways to help: One way would be to buy and read this book and share it about. All proceeds go to the bears.

Where to find Free the Bears published by Pan Macmillan Australia (2013), ISBN13: 9781742611969. Please consider buying direct from FreeTheBears.Org. Here you can even get a signed copy; also merchandise like the cute teddies in my photos. A book or a teddy or a donation, or just sharing on this post: it all helps.

Useful links: The book can also be found at Amazon and and at .

Writer Julie Miller is passionate about travel, animal welfare, and Thailand in particular.

At FreeTheBears.Org and also on Instagram you can can see the latest on the work. Sometimes (and this shows how the effort is needed as much as ever) you can follow a rescue in progress.

AbeBooks. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

Wildlife SOS does tremendous work with bears and elephants.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Between naps in gardens, Mawson ponders about Baffling Things. He is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In .

Nana Scrappy, by Ryan Cochrane

“Life was good, Nana Scrappy was thinking to herself as she poured another cup of herbal tea.”

Mawson’s Guardian Mark says:

With her lovely house, her careful routines, and her beautiful garden cared for by Eugene O’Squirrel, Nana’s life is indeed good. She is even going to be awarded for her superb home grown cabbages. The unexpected visit by her muddy pawed granddog Barry couldn’t possibly upset it all. Could it?

But it does. Understanding breaks down between the young dog who loves burgers and his loving Nana who only wants him to eat the best food for puppies ‘designed by scientists.’ Barry disappears. Nana must join forces with all the O’Squirrels, Harold the archaeologist and a huge guineapig with bad burps to find the youngster. Will they be in time? Will Sparfield the guineapig eat all the furniture? And what about the prize for cabbages?

NanaScrappyLrge 2754

Scruffy, Blizzard the Husky, Mawson and Gustav getting worried about missing Barry

As I read this delightful story about friends helping one another, I wanted to be young again so as to be able to read it with a child’s eyes. Or have a child at hand to read it to. I could almost hear the places where we would stop and exclaim at moments in the story and point to the illustrations (by Jessica McCarthy) . We would exclaim at different things, I’m sure, every time we read it, and there are many postive messages.

NanaScrappylrgCover 2758

If you like dogs, squirrels, guineapigs, burgers, and visits to Nanas you will enjoy reading this tale. (You don’t necessarily have to like cabbages.) And it’s only the first. There will be more.

Nana Scrappy is published by Olympia Books and is entirely suitable for young dogs, bears, guineapigs, squirrels, and all who love them.

Where to find it: Amazon, Olympia Books, Book Depository, and

AbeBooks. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

You are in the web den of Mawson Bear, Ponderer of Baffling Things (between naps and Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In .

Suitable Gifts for Writer-Bears

Fellow Baffled Ones of this befuddled but bright world, It’s Me, Mawson, writer-bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In. You may be baffled about what to give a writer (or bear) for a gift.

Pens Presents 1 small
Here’s Me and I happen to have some presents. What could they be?
Pens Presents Sheoak 2596

Oh this is grand. A pen! Just the gift for a writer. This one is, let me see, fire-hardened she-oak. Wonderful.

Pens Presents Ready 2595

What could this one be? It feels sort of feathery. Plump Sleeping Bears! It’s a … it’s a ..

Pens Presents Opened 2592

It’s a plume! It’s a plume for pluming words! A big feathered pen. A quill. My goodness.

Pens Presents display 2591

I am a lucky bear. No writer can leave a plume like that alone. I’m going to plume some words right away.

Pens Presents 5 2587

Oh yes, I can feel my ponders going all the way down this errr quill plume pen thingy straight to the paper. Pens make grand gifts for writers. And for this writer-bear.

Remember, bears, no taking of feathers from the birds who grew them without permission. Not even for plumes. That’s most important

Our book is from Publisher Obscura which does fun and beautiful books for grownups. It’s an imprint of Odyssey Books.

“Just pure magic”. Susan Hampson, Reviewer on Books from Dawn to Dusk about It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In.

“It’s a small book packed with big emotions. Mawson, the big-hearted, soul-searching teddy bear is here to help.” Cheryl Pasquier of Madhouse Family reviews.

You are in the web den of Mawson Bear, Ponderer of Baffling Things (between naps). and Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In .

Chivalrous Readers, Thank You, from Mawson Bear

Thanks to our many chivalrous helper and reviewers including:

Emma of FNM Book Reviews. Comforting, like an old security blanket

Pauline Dewberry and Casey Cat and Gibbs Cat of and Live well, Being Happy. who said, Absolutely lovely; so sweet and poignant. It makes my heart sing.

Michael Bernal on Goodreads.  I was quite surprised by this book. I became quite emotional when reading it.

TBF Mawson Ad for TBF

For a little book there is a large emotional impact here… This is a perfect little gift for close friends, family or for yourself, just as a reminder that you are loved and not alone.Bookshine and Rainbows , Steph Warren

So sweet and poignant. It makes my heart sing.  Pauline Dewberry of and Live well, Being Happy.

Ooha, valiant blogger at OverRated Sensibilities.  This story really got to me. It made me smile like a lunatic. It made me want to reach for a tissue.

Sir Scotland the Brave smites the keyboard

Anthony Avila, Author of the Nightmare Wars series: A wonderful story, filled with heart, emotion, and done in a unique picture book style.

Jackie Law, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer, at Never ImitateThis little story made me well up …A lovely, poignant story with delightful illustrations. It would make a thoughtful gift including to yourself. 

Lisa and Baby Bear, old friends and grand helpers: Buy this for the smiles, the lump in the throat, the memories, the hugs. Buy it for yourself and your special friends – bear and human! 

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Linda, valiant putter-of-books-into-bags at Linda’s Book Bag blog:  It might sound ridiculous but (BW) brought a tear to my eye.

Marisa of McFly’s Book Bliss who said, This book was absolutely precious.

Cheryl Pasquier, valiant blogger, of the Madhouse Family: It’s a small book packed with big emotions. Mawson, the big-hearted soul- searching teddy bear is here to help.

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Debbie Young, who reviewed Bright World even though very busy creating the Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries,

Bette F. who boldly took Mawson’s book on her visit to India: A book for all the ages.

Susan Hampson, valiantly blogging through the nights at Books From Dusk To Dawn: Just pure magic.  A bear’s love is never far away and can be shared and passed on through the generations.

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Books In My Handbag where Jessie Cahalin featured Mawson (can you see a bear in there?),

Hasanthi’s Book World, who kindly made Bright World her Pick of the Month! (and gave our Mawson a visit to Sri Lanka),

Nina at Cozy pages, who gave Mawson a very grand shout out. Lots of lovely reviews there.

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Dan Durdjevic, author of the remarkable novel ,written in real time, Mirror Image of Sound, . “ “This gentle, calming, life-affirming little gem won’t fail to put a smile on your face as your read it.”

Verena who also for years hosted Mawson’s old Web Den and gave quiet encouragement,

Ally K  who kindly Bear-Toobed, umm Book-Tubed, Mawson’s book,


For kindly sharing fuzzy Selfies of themselves with Its A Bright World:

ThreadBears on Twitter
Sir Peregrine (call me Perry, dear chaps), doing great deeds with samples of very particular grape juices,
Hippo, Sloth and Friends, Bumble, Jock and Wasp, being valiant friends on Twitter.

AND All fellow writers at Odyssey Books and Publisher Obscura, including:
Michelle Lovi, publisher of Odyssey Books,
Elizabeth Foster, author of Esme’s Wish,
Isobel Blackthorn, author of The Drago Tree and more,
Cindy Cipriano, author of Fading,
Carolyn Denman, author of Songlines ,
Rachael Nightingale, writer, playwright, educator and actor,
Felicity Banks, author of The Antipodean Queen series,
Vacen Taylor, author of the Star Child series,
Patricia Leslie, author of The Ouroboros Key.

It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost In, by Mawson Bear, makes a gentle read for anyone who’s known that inexpressibly Baffling Thing, the feeling of being Lost.

It’s all over the place including at (with free shipping too all around this bright world). ISBN: 978-1-922200-44-0 .Also  Amazon and and .

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