Mystery of the Library Cats by Candy Rodo. Books, cats. ‘Nuff said.

Meet Baker and Taylor, two cat buddies (opposite in every way) who are about to leave the comfort of their cozy public library reading nook to embark on one epic literary road trip! After spending most of their time reading in the library, Baker and Taylor are encouraged by their friend Flora to get outContinue reading “Mystery of the Library Cats by Candy Rodo. Books, cats. ‘Nuff said.”

Choosing the Explore Bag for She Ran Away From Love, by Mawson

Fellow Baffled Ones, Here are some Behind The Scenes pictures about the book by Me, Mawson Bear, called She Ran Away From Love. (Available all over the place). ‘Behind-the-scenes pictures’ is a baffling thing to say because we are all in the scenes that we’re making the scenes .. behind of … Umm … No,Continue reading “Choosing the Explore Bag for She Ran Away From Love, by Mawson”

My Splendid Career As A Bear About Town

Dear fellow Baffled Ones, There may have been no ME, once. Imagine! No Mawson at all, fancy that!Then, one day I found myself sort of There. Yes, There I Was! I was sitting .. hmmm. Somewhere. .. hmm .. Where was it now? Oh yes, In a shop, that’s where. A shop like this one.Continue reading “My Splendid Career As A Bear About Town”

Thank You to Our Friends

Hello, it’s Me, Mawson, Writer-Bear. I would like to say thank all our new friends on the World Wide Wonderful Webby Place. There are artists, giraffes, dancers, poodles, photographers, ducks, gorillas, risk takers and girls who dare, Ellies and plumps and heffies, plushies, bunnies, lovers of oceans, squirrels, tricepatourous, musicians, gators, designers, sheep, geese, singers,owls,Continue reading “Thank You to Our Friends”

Mawson Tells about his book Dreamy Days and Random Naps

Dear fellow Baffled Ones, my latest book is about naps, dreams, wishes, naps, snacks, more naps, and daydreams. The blubber for it (whispered conference) .. Errr, no the Blot for it (more whispers), errr, it seems the bits on the back are called the Blurb. What a baffling word to use. Well, this is whatContinue reading “Mawson Tells about his book Dreamy Days and Random Naps”

Office Ratty Makes Wise Investments

The story so far: Pirate Rake deposited some of his treasure in a safe place. Office Ratty happened along and found it. He resolved to keep it safe. He invested a small bit of it in a brightly coloured piece of cardboard. He won some more treasure than what he had invested. Scratching the cardboardContinue reading “Office Ratty Makes Wise Investments”

Readers Favourite 5 stars for: It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost In

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite. This review has been copied from the Readers Favourite website. It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In, by Mawson, is a book for children of all ages written by Mawson Bear, who is otherwise known as Mark O’Dwyer. ‘A bear’s world is bright and shiny, and filledContinue reading “Readers Favourite 5 stars for: It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost In”