Mawson’s Books are MARKED DOWN on Amazon

You can find ‘Dreamy Days and Random Naps’ at all the Amazon regions on this link. In Amazon UK it is marked down by half. Look also for She Ran Away From Love which is less than a Pound in softcover! Here is more about ‘Dreamy Days’: Dreamy Days and Random Naps celebrates taking time outContinue reading “Mawson’s Books are MARKED DOWN on Amazon”

Where to Find Mawson, the Writer-Bear for our Befuddled Times

Mawson is leaving Twitter! But this bear gets around. Here are all the places where you can find a plump, handsome, cuddly writer-bear whenever you need a bit of cheering up. Mawson’s own Web Den on WordPress right here, of course, which is called  (or Why not plonk a paw on the FOLOW ME button.Continue reading “Where to Find Mawson, the Writer-Bear for our Befuddled Times”

Dreamy Days and Random Naps. Reach for your cushions

Dear fellow Baffled Ones, here is the blot, umm, no, here is the Blurb about my 3rd book. It’s ready and on the World Wide Web to yawn, stretch, and wander out to meet you. My book isall about .. Well, read on! ‘Mawson Bear (that’s Me!) awakes. He ponders on the art of creativeContinue reading “Dreamy Days and Random Naps. Reach for your cushions”

Edward Explores: Dartmoor

Edward has recently returned from his final planned adventure of the year in which he travelled to Dartmoor – a wild, rugged and somewhat damp corner of our beautiful country. His bearers went in search of particular places. Chief Bearer wished to visit some of the temperate rainforests she has been reading about and which,Continue reading “Edward Explores: Dartmoor”

Feeling lost? Rather ruffled? Somewhat baffled?

Are you feeling a little lost? Rather ruffled? Somewhat baffled by, Well most things? Has that “Left behind in the spare room” feeling become a bother to you? Pawse a quiet while with Me, Mawson, writer-bear and Ponderer of Baffling Things. I love to catch Ponders in words.My friends help me make pictures of whatContinue reading “Feeling lost? Rather ruffled? Somewhat baffled?”

Mystery of the Library Cats by Candy Rodo. Books, cats. ‘Nuff said.

Meet Baker and Taylor, two cat buddies (opposite in every way) who are about to leave the comfort of their cozy public library reading nook to embark on one epic literary road trip! After spending most of their time reading in the library, Baker and Taylor are encouraged by their friend Flora to get outContinue reading “Mystery of the Library Cats by Candy Rodo. Books, cats. ‘Nuff said.”

Choosing the Explore Bag for She Ran Away From Love, by Mawson

Fellow Baffled Ones, Here are some Behind The Scenes pictures about the book by Me, Mawson Bear, called She Ran Away From Love. (Available all over the place). ‘Behind-the-scenes pictures’ is a baffling thing to say because we are all in the scenes that we’re making the scenes .. behind of … Umm … No,Continue reading “Choosing the Explore Bag for She Ran Away From Love, by Mawson”

My Splendid Career As A Bear About Town

Dear fellow Baffled Ones, There may have been no ME, once. Imagine! No Mawson at all, fancy that!Then, one day I found myself sort of There. Yes, There I Was! I was sitting .. hmmm. Somewhere. .. hmm .. Where was it now? Oh yes, In a shop, that’s where. A shop like this one.Continue reading “My Splendid Career As A Bear About Town”

Thank You to Our Friends

Hello, it’s Me, Mawson, Writer-Bear. I would like to say thank all our new friends on the World Wide Wonderful Webby Place. There are artists, giraffes, dancers, poodles, photographers, ducks, gorillas, risk takers and girls who dare, Ellies and plumps and heffies, plushies, bunnies, lovers of oceans, squirrels, tricepatourous, musicians, gators, designers, sheep, geese, singers,owls,Continue reading “Thank You to Our Friends”