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Time to Hold: A humm by Mawson Bear

When you’re feeling wobbly,
When your drooping ears are cold,
When your walk has gone all hobbly,
Thats a time to hold.
When your dreams remain unwoken,
When your Humms just will not rhyme,
When your stuffing feels broken,
That’s a holding time.
36 Gone Large (for back cover too maybe)
When your bowtie just won’t TIE,
And you feel quite undressed,
When your smile has gone awry,
And your mohair is distressed,
When your brown eyes feel blue,
And your hopes have all unrolled,
When you’re wondering what’s true –
That’s the time to hold.
Hold on to your Some One,
Hold on to your friends,
Hold and hug and squeeze,
Till that wobbly feeling ends.
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