Ratty’s Investments Go Wrong

The story so far: Pirate Rake left some of his treasure in a safe place. Office Ratty found it and resolved to keep it safe. He invested a small bit of it in a brightly coloured piece of cardboard. He won some more treasure than what he had invested.

Office Ratty makes Wise Investments with a lottery scratch card. What could go wrong?
Office Ratty invests in a Scratchy card. What could possibly go wrong?

So he did it again. All he had to do was scratch and he would get more treasure! But when he did it again the shop that sold the brightly coloured pieces of cardboard gave him nothing back. Clearly there had been some mistake. The bits of card were not working. Perhaps they were broken. Most probably, the shop had sold him dud bits of cardboard.

Office Ratty hands over, with paws ,more and more of the treasure
Ratty invests more of the treasure

Never mind, the solution to the problem was obvious. Try again! Ratty went back and got more treasure. He exchanged them for more bits of coloured cardboard. He was full of confidence that they could not possibly all be duds this time.

Full of confidence, Office Ratty scratches and scratches at the lottery cards
Full of confidence, Office Ratty scratches and scratches

He scratched and he scratched. But these ones turned out to be duds too. Incredible! Ratty would simply have to try again.

There is no treasure left. How did that happen?
No treasure? How did that happen?

That was odd. There seemed to be no treasure in the chest. Whatever could have happened to it? He looked inside the treasure chest and around it and under it. No, there was nothing there. This was just so baffling. How was he supposed to increase the treasure when there was none left lying here about to increase?

Office Ratty wanders off looking for food
Ratty wanders off in search of food

Then Ratty realised what must have happened. Of course! The owner of the treasure chest must have returned and taken the remaining treasure away. Office Ratty felt so relieved! Such a pity though that the owner hadn’t stayed for Ratty to proudly tell about making Wise Investments. Oh, well. Anyway, there was no need to keep the treasure safe anymore and Ratty felt hungry. He wandered off in search of raspberry jam.

Pirate Rake returns and finds his treasure all gone
Pirate Rake finds that his treasure has gone

A little later the dread Pirate Rake returned in his magnificent ship. His treasure chest was open and there was nothing in it! “What happened to all my treasure”, he growled in a very grumpy piratical voice. But he never did find out.

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