Office Ratty Vows to Keep The Treasure Safe

Office Ratty was looking for raspberry jam and cheese one day when he found treasure instead. Lots and lots of treasure. Ratty nibbled on the treasure trove. It was certainly not edible. A pity. Even so, Something Would Have To Be Done. He decided that he must keep the trove safe for until its mysteriousContinue reading “Office Ratty Vows to Keep The Treasure Safe”

Office Ratty finds Treasure

One day, Pirate Rake was rowing about in his magnificent ship which was filled to the gunnels with his treasure. “Arrrrrgh”, growled he, in a most piratical kind of voice. “My magnificent ship is filled to the gunnels with treasure. If a mighty storm blows up, I could sink! I must hide some of myContinue reading “Office Ratty finds Treasure”

Office Ratty Misses the Bus

Office Ratty is one of our little friends who goes Out There. Yes, he goes out of the house and into the wide, bright world. Most of us in Mawson’s sleepy Bunch stay warm and cosy and safe inside the house. We nap on the cushions. We loll on the beds. We rest between ourContinue reading “Office Ratty Misses the Bus”