Office Ratty finds Treasure

One day, Pirate Rake was rowing about in his magnificent ship which was filled to the gunnels with his treasure.

Rake the Pirate rows his magnificent ship filled to the gunnels with treasure

“Arrrrrgh”, growled he, in a most piratical kind of voice. “My magnificent ship is filled to the gunnels with treasure. If a mighty storm blows up, I could sink! I must hide some of my treasure and come back to fetch it later” . And so it was, that the ferocious Pirate Rake deposited some of his treasure in a safe place.

“I shall leave this treasure chest just here”, said Rake in his piratical voice.” It will be safe until my return.” And there it was, a whole chest of treasure where no one would ever suspect a pirate’s treasure to be.

A while later, Office Ratty happened to come sniffing about. He saw a mysterious chest. Naturally, he looked inside hoping to find cheese or crackers or raspberry jam. But no, there was something quite different there.

“My goodness”, squeaked Ratty, in a ratty sort of voice. “I’ve found treasure! Lots and lots of treasure.” He did check for cheese and crackers and raspberry jam also, of course, but there was only the glittering horde of treasure. He couldn’t eat it, but still, it was a wonderful find.

“How careless of someone to leave a chest of treasure lying about when any office rat sniffing about for cheese and crackers and jam could happen to come along by. It’s a good thing that the rat who came by was Me because I am a fine upstanding Office Rat. I must keep it safe for them.”

What will Office Ratty do with the treasure to keep it safe? Don’t miss the next exciting episode of … Office Ratty and The Treasure.

You can also see our brave little guy on The Blither for Me, Mawson (whispered conference with friends), sorry on the Twitter for me. And on our BearAGram. He has his own cheese tag there too. (Whispered conference). Errr, no it seems there is no cheese at all on the tag. Its a hash brown tag (more whispering) .. errr No, its just a Hash Tag. It looks like this: #OfficeRatty. Try it and see, on our Blither, or the twittery thingy.

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I am Mark, Guardian of Mawson Bear. Mawson is a big hearted, soul searching Writer-Bear. His little books are stuffed with moments of happiness for frazzled grownups. Why not slow down and relax a while with Mawson's friends in their cosy, whimsical world. Refresh the soul in the tranquility of innocent hours and simple joys.

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