Whimsical Gift Books for Frazzled Grownups

Mawson’s Guardian says: Greetings to so many new followers. Welcome to Mawson Bear’s Blob. Here you will see wholesome things of interest to bears, teddies, plushies, artists, writers, and all who love them. (Writers and artists need love too. All Stuffies know this.) Mawson is a Writer-Bear , as you know, one of the veryContinue reading “Whimsical Gift Books for Frazzled Grownups”

Shakespeare’s Bear, By Harry Oxford

How could we not love Mummer, the splendid hairy central character of Shakespeare’s Bear. Mummer wins hearts and friends during his pampered cub-hood in the household of William the playwright, and even later in perilous London (‘the worst place in England for a bear.’). Through his eyes and ears and especially his nose, we readersContinue reading “Shakespeare’s Bear, By Harry Oxford”

Dreaming of Being A Writer-Bear?

I am a very lucky bear. Not many writer-bears get published these days. But I now have Too umm, no, Three books out there in the wide bright world. One is called It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In and the my Number Too book is She Ran Away From Love. And now, aContinue reading “Dreaming of Being A Writer-Bear?”