Is Your Child-Within A Bit Neglected? A Picture Book for Weary Grownups

Hello fellow baffled ones, I was just sitting on my cushion pondering about Things. Oh, Look. It looks like a gift. Could it be for Me, Mawson? It is! It is a gift for me. And oh my goodness! It’s by me too! It’s A Bright World to Feel Lost In, by Me, Mawson isContinue reading “Is Your Child-Within A Bit Neglected? A Picture Book for Weary Grownups”

Bears in Shops Just Want To Go Home

There you are. A bear. A plushie. A stuffie. You need someone to love you. But they haven’t found you yet. You sit. In the shop. Behind the glass. You look your best. You wait. ‘Take me home!” you call, as quietly as imagination. ‘Take me Home”.   This Teddy Bear Shop is the veryContinue reading “Bears in Shops Just Want To Go Home”

A Ponder About Life, by Mawson

Fellow Baffled Ones, Could life be .. .. just lots of interruptions … .. between snoozes .. .. in a garden? You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den.  Between naps in gardens, Mawson ponders about Baffling Things. He is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In . “The book brings back suchContinue reading “A Ponder About Life, by Mawson”

Listening: A Guide for Bears

Fellow Baffled Ones, Everybody needs a listener sometimes. It’s grand to be trusted to be the listen-ee, Umm the hearing-er-er, Bother, the umm, friend who will listen. Sometimes a friend won’t even know where to start. You can be a good listener then just by waiting. If you don’t know what to say to them,Continue reading “Listening: A Guide for Bears”

Frilly: Nervous Explorer, Unlikely Heroine

Fellow Baffled Ones,  soon your Writer-Bear (that’s Me!) will have more than One book in the wide, bright world. I expect it will be book Number … ummm … some sort of number … tricky things, numbers are … Just a moment please .. [Mawson’s Guardian, whispers: Your “second” book, Mawson. That means its “NumberContinue reading “Frilly: Nervous Explorer, Unlikely Heroine”

Story Board Conference for ‘She Ran Away From Love’

Hello fellow Baffled Ones, Director Scotland the Brave called a Conference. All the Pictures to go in my book got pondered about. Again. All the Words that go along with the Pictures were talked about. Again. This is called (shudder) Revison and (gulp) Editing. Frilly listened intently because she is the star. I already didContinue reading “Story Board Conference for ‘She Ran Away From Love’”

Behind the Wardrobe. The making of She Ran Away From Love, by Mawson

Fellow Baffled Ones, ‘Wardrobe’ took a long time to finish ward-robing Frilly to get her ready for the photos in She Ran Away From Love. They looked at hats. They looked at clothes. They looked at bags. They looked at Props. Then they got out brushes and potions. Here she is with Tartan Scarf andContinue reading “Behind the Wardrobe. The making of She Ran Away From Love, by Mawson”