Office Ratty Makes Wise Investments

The story so far: Pirate Rake deposited some of his treasure in a safe place. Office Ratty happened along and found it. He resolved to keep it safe. He invested a small bit of it in a brightly coloured piece of cardboard. He won some more treasure than what he had invested. Scratching the cardboardContinue reading “Office Ratty Makes Wise Investments”

Dreamy Days and Random Naps, by Mawson: review

Mawson Bear awakes and ponders on the art of creative napping. Scotland the Brave imagines doing great deeds. Professors Caddy and Bree hold the highest hopes for their visionary inventions. Samantha sees wondrous things all around her. The Seekers journey all the way to the edge of the world, being sure to return, of course,Continue reading “Dreamy Days and Random Naps, by Mawson: review”

Meet the stars of Dreamy Days and Random Naps: The Seekers

Hello fellow searchers for quietude, for a slower pace, for naps. We are The Seekers. We appear in the book Dreamy Days and Random Naps by our grand friend, Mawson. That’s Snow Dude in the chair. He doesn’t say much. He likes to put on his specs and look mysterious while he ponders about far-awayContinue reading “Meet the stars of Dreamy Days and Random Naps: The Seekers”