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Octopus and Family, by Annabelle Lee: review

Mawson’s Guardian writes: When I finally got Octopus and Family away from Mawson (waited for him to nap), I poured myself a coffee and had a look myself. I may be a Grownup but I LIKE picture books.

OctopusMawson This little book is full of puns both written and drawn. The first page introduces Octopus. I flicked to the next. There was a splutter of laughter from someone in the room. Was that me? I chortled at “Loctopus ”. And, really,  who could resist the lovely “Froctopus”?  “Xylopus” tickled me. Who knew octopuses, sorry, octopi, could be such fun.

 You know what puns are like: many will unexpectedly hit the spot for you and others will set off your (grownup) friends. Can you work out what “Octovist” is, for instance?   Mind you, trying to explain some of the jokes to little ones (and to your hug of bears) could get you into a world of bother. But then why should only the kids get all the picture books? This one is for you.

I’m sure these puns will cheer up anyone. It will make a fun gift for your friends (remember keep one for you.) Ask your friendly bookshop to get hold of it. Or plonk a paw on the blue stuff here to get it, with free delivery too, from Book Depository.

It’s at Odyssey Books, home of beautiful and whimsical novelty and gift books. (While you’re there, look about for a bear you know!)

By following her Facebook page  you can see news about Annabelle Lee’s next book for grownups (that’s you). On Instagram   you can  peek at more Octopii. Is Bachelorette-Opus perhaps anyone you recognize?

Where to find it: BookDepository, and Amazon and more.
Book info:
Published May 2017 as paperback (ISBN: 978-1-922200-84-6). Now available in hardcover ( 978-1-922200-85-3).

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‘Great book, well written and extremely engaging. Bonus it is all about bears!!!!
Marvellous !!!!!!!’  Reviewer Navaron on Amazon.