Rebecca Writes – About books by one of the world’s few published Writer-Bears.

Rev Rebecca L. Holland is a disability advocate and author. To take a look at her blog about her work and interests, plonk a paw here. You can follow Rebecca here on Twitter. This is what she kindly said on Amazon and GoodReads about Mawson’s little books. Sweet and heartwarming. I’ve been in a readingContinue reading “Rebecca Writes – About books by one of the world’s few published Writer-Bears.”

Valiant Reader, You can help the writers (and writer-bears) of the world

Mawson Bear’s Guardian Mark speaks: As you know our Mawson is a Writer-Bear. She Ran Away From Love  is his brand new book. It features a small heroine called Frilly who goes on a Quest. I’m sure lots of people (and their bears) will love Frilly, if only they knew about her. And it is the same forContinue reading “Valiant Reader, You can help the writers (and writer-bears) of the world”

Chivalrous Readers, Thank You, from Mawson Bear

Thanks to our many chivalrous helper and reviewers including: Emma of FNM Book Reviews. Comforting, like an old security blanket Pauline Dewberry and Casey Cat and Gibbs Cat of and Live well, Being Happy. who said, Absolutely lovely; so sweet and poignant. It makes my heart sing. Michael Bernal on Goodreads.  I was quite surprised byContinue reading “Chivalrous Readers, Thank You, from Mawson Bear”

Valiant Reader, Brave Deeds Await You

Mawson Bear’s Guardian writes: Your mission, Noble Reader, should you choose to accept it, is to challenge the Dark Lord that holds all Writers (and one Writer-Bear) in its thrall. Only the trusty keyboard of the Doughty Reader can quell this Fearful Thing. What, you wonder, could this Horror be? It’s dread name, gentle reader,Continue reading “Valiant Reader, Brave Deeds Await You”