Grownups, Bears, and Hotels: the hitherto unknown correlation

Mawson’s Guardian, Mark, says: Travelodge Britain annually return to grateful owners thousands of lost bears that had been left behind in hotel rooms.  A survey they did of their guests in 2010 revealed the following (italics mine): A quarter of male respondents stated it is quite acceptable to have a bear regardless of your age.Continue reading “Grownups, Bears, and Hotels: the hitherto unknown correlation”

Who left behind those forlorn bears in hotel rooms?

(More on the Travelodge survey.) Over half of the 6000 British hotel-staying survey-respondents still had a teddy bear from their childhood. The average age of these bears was 27 years old. (Clearly they were long kept and much loved.) Fourteen per cent of parents surveyed said they had passed down their favourite teddy bear toContinue reading “Who left behind those forlorn bears in hotel rooms?”