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Grownups, Bears, and Hotels: the hitherto unknown correlation

Mawson’s Guardian, Mark, says:

Travelodge Britain annually return to grateful owners thousands of lost bears that had been left behind in hotel rooms.  A survey they did of their guests in 2010 revealed the following (italics mine):

A quarter of male respondents stated it is quite acceptable to have a bear regardless of your age.

One quarter of the male respondents also said they take their teddy bear with them when going away on business.

The cooler the bear ...

Almost too cool to bear

One in ten single men surveyed admitted to hiding their bear when their girlfriend stays over*.  And one in seven married men reported they hide their teddy bear when any family and friends come to visit.

This means, of course, those big bold men have a bear (or bears) in the first place for these emergency hiding away purposes.

Dan with W

Dan Djurdjevic, author of Mirror Image Of Sound, and martial arts teacher, with a certain picture book.

More men (15%) compared to women (10%) reported they treat their teddy as their best friend and will share their secrets with their bear.

*Mawson assures me, by the way, that nonchalantly-on-purpose allowing your girlfriend to discover your bear will clinch her affections for you forever.

Adapted from an Article put out by Travelodge UK in July 2010.  

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Who left behind those forlorn bears in hotel rooms?

(More on the Travelodge survey.)

Over half of the 6000 British hotel-staying survey-respondents still had a teddy bear from their childhood. The average age of these bears was 27 years old. (Clearly they were long kept and much loved.)

Fourteen per cent of parents surveyed said they had passed down their favourite teddy bear to their children as a keepsake.

Eight out of ten parents said the first toy they brought their child was a teddy bear.

Six out of ten parents said it is important for a child to grow up owning and loving a teddy bear as it helps them to develop a more caring nature.


Remarking on the survey, ‘Dawn James, Arctophile and editor of Teddy Bear Times said: “Teddy Bears represent happiness and security in childhood. They are the best friend that always listens and never criticises. This is why so many adults hang on to their childhood bears, because they see them as a lifelong friend.

[From an article put out by Travelodge UK in July 2010 .]

In the next post:  Big, brave men – and their bears.

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