Lionel Seeks His Fore-Lions: Pt 7, Against The Wind

The story so far: Inspired by pictures of Tasmanian Tigers, Lionel decided he had to search for his long lost fore-lions (In Part 2) . He and Gavin hitched a ride north from Perth to Geraldton, Western Australia (in Part 3 ) then journeyed on. to the Shark Bay heritage region (in Part 4 ) where they saw wild emus. Further north they ventured finally arrive at Coral Bay (Part 5.). After a day searching the beach and dunes they decided to go wider and further in search of these elusive fore-lions.

Kayaks and blue skies. Coral Bay, Western Australia
Kayaks, beaches and blue sky. The coral is just out there where the dark blue begins.

First, Lionel and Gavin returned for another quick look at the beach. You never knew where fore-lions might suddenly appear. Anyway Gavin loved seeing the beach and took every excuse to go there. They looked under seaweed bracken and under the kayaks. No fore-lions.

The overhanging lime stone shore of Coral Bay
The overhanging lime stone shore of Coral Bay

They took advantage of the low tide to check hollows and overhangs along the shore. They looked down, they looked around, they looked up. No fore-lions.

The limestone shores of the coast and outcrops

But also no clouds, no noise, no people, no noisy boats, no air planes … Oh, it was so peaceful. Next, they hiked up the dunes to the lookout near their camp site.

From the lookout on the dunes, ourintrepid fore-lions hunters can see all of Coral Bay township and the arid land behind.
Looking out over Coral Bay Township

From there they could see the whole township. Mind you, its so small, that it is not hard to see all of it. They could also see the wide lands beyond. And dust.Lionel used the telescope to do a thorough search. This was not easy.

Lionel looks through the telescope as strong winds blow out his mane
Strong winds along the shore

The strong wind filled with stinging sand bowled over their little ruck sacks, blew off their hats and nearly took Lionel’s mane off too.

Lionel the lion searches the dunes for signs of critters
Lionel searches the dunes carefully

Even so, Lionel tried. He focused carefully at every shrub. Was any fore-bear, fore-tiger, fore-lion or other fore-creature lurking there? But no. Even the kangaroos they had seen earlier had gone away.

One thing Gavin decided for certain. Fore-lion hunting on a hot day in strong winds with stinging sand whipping into your fur is not really as much fun as he had hoped.

Gavin's fur is blown about and stung by sand in the strong wind up on the dunes

They felt discouraged. They took a last long searching look all around the bay and the seas and the sand and the dunes and made their way back to camp. By the greatest good fortune they found chocolate chip ice creams in the fridge and all seemed well again.

The glorious peaceful waters off Coral Bay settlement. No noise, no pollution.

Next day they set out eastward, on and on into Nowhere At All – or that is what it looked like. Here they found another high point, not very high really, but a little bit higher than the flat bits all around, and once again they scoured the landscape.

Hang on to your bow tie ,Gavin! The wind nearly unravels its.
Unravelling in the wind

Once again, the thing that mostly got scoured was themselves. There was wind blown sand in their fur, their eye lashes, their knapsacks. They nearly lost their hats again. Gavin’s bowtie unravelled in the wind and he nearly lost that too.

Lionel and Gavin search the plains for fore-lions

Lionel’s mane was in trouble again. The wind pulled and tugged and tried really hard to get it off him. It was a wonder he didn’t return home a mane-less lion.

The plains inland of Coral Bay

They took one more long look, scanning every bit of the seemingly endless plain, which is not easy with dust blowing into your eyes. But no, there was, without doubt, not a single fore-lion in sight.

The vessel Ningaloo, dockside near the township of Coral Bay
The Good Ship Ningaloo, Manta Ray finders extraordinaire.

They returned to base to rest, snoozer, nap, sleep and occasionally raid the fridge for ice cream, They rested all the next day while their Chauffeurs, the Guardian and Guardian-ess, sailed out on to the glorious blues of the Coral Bay waters in the good ship Ningaloo. They snorkelled over coral and saw turtles, reef sharks, little and big coloured fish and even Manta Rays! Don’t miss the next exciting episode of …. Da da da daaah dummmm … Lionel Seeks His Fore-Lions.

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