Office Ratty Misses the Bus

Office Ratty is one of our little friends who goes Out There. Yes, he goes out of the house and into the wide, bright world. Most of us in Mawson’s sleepy Bunch stay warm and cosy and safe inside the house. We nap on the cushions. We loll on the beds. We rest between our naps. Not Ratty. He bravely goes to an Office to earn a crust*. He calls this journey ‘commuting’. Ratty is very experienced at commuting.

Office Ratty misses his bus by a whisker

Office Ratty’s bus runs each 8 minutes. It ought to be easy for him to wander out of the office and simply catch the bus within a couple of minutes or a couple more. But the bus doesn’t like Ratty. It really doesn’t. It is often mean to him. For instance, Ratty might leave the office at 5.00. And what does that bus do? Whooosh. there it goes, right in front of him. He misses it by a whisker.

Again our Ratty fails to catch the bus

Next day Ratty leaves office at 5.01. If the bus came by a minute or two ago he will easily catch the next one. Or will he? Again, the bus swooshes by. He only just misses it. So if he leaves at 5.02 he will obviously be well in time for the next one right? He experiments and leaves at 5.03 pm. And whoosh, there it goes. Missed by a whisker.

The next day, Office Ratty leaves at 5.04. The bus, of course, ought to have either gone a few minutes since or be soon to arrive. But oh no, there it goes! Another whisker. The same at 5.05 and again at 5.06.

So Ratty tries 5.07 and just misses. Then departs the office at 5.08. It’s a miss.

5.09 pm provides another near miss. What about 5.10? Grrrrrrr, misses it. 5.11, the same! So he attempts 5.12 and then 5.13. then a minute later, then a minute later, and then a minute more later. ….. Sigh, but you know the story by now. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. And now he’s all out of whiskers.

Eventually Ratty gets home. He is so worn out that he eats his crust. Preferably a flaky crust topped by jarlberg cheese and a light spread of fig and date chutney.

A shaky ride but at least Ratty caught this bus.

You can also see our brave little guy on The Blither for Me, Mawson (whispered conference with friends), sorry on the Twitter for me. And on our BearAGram. He has his own cheese tag there too. (Whispered conference). Errr, no it seems there is no cheese at all on the tag. Its a hash brown tag (more whispering) .. errr No, its just a Hash Tag. It looks like this: #OfficeRatty. Try it and see, on our Blither, or the twittery thingy.

Office Ratty is experienced at Commuting. Its what an Office Rat has to do.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Mawson is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In  and Dreamy Days and Random Naps and She Ran Away From Love.

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