Lionel Seeks His Fore-Lions: Pt 3. Perth To Geraldton

Hello, fellow Baffled Ones. In Pt.1 we met Lionel The Lion looking at books about Oz-Tray-Ya (Australia). In Part 2, he wondered if there might have been Tasmanian Lions as well as Tasmanian Tigers. These could be his fore-lions! Perhaps they still roamed around Oz-Tray-Ya. He decided to find out. Gavin volunteered to go too. So they hitched a ride and hit the road. (Click on the pics to enlarge if you want to see more details.)

“Are we nearly there yet?’ asked an excited lion who had never left Mawson’s House before.
“Not yet’, answered Gavin, unaware that he was going to have to answer this question many times.
‘What’s that thing ahead?’ asked Lionel.
‘ It’s a bridge especially for animals to cross over the road’, said Gavin, who reads lots of books and knows stuff.
“And what’s that green thing?” Lionel was curious about everything.
“A road sign. It’s says where where we are going”.
“What are those numbers on it? Are we nearly there yet? Will we get home by bedtime.’ Lionel babbled on. Gavin sighed. ‘ The numbers are Kilometres. We aren’t there yet. We are going to sleep far away from home at a town called Geraldton‘, he explained.

Gavin got out the maps and navigated, He instructed their Chauffeur to go up the North West Highway and stay on it. Lionel took charge of watching the road. You never know what stray animals you will see by the road – or even on it. They saw sheep and cows and llamas but none resembled Lionel’s fore-lions.

They saw buildings without proper roofs. They had been damaged in cyclones. They saw wide open farmlands and grain fields and hay bales and low hills. They saw more sheep and cows.Mostly, they saw a long, long road.

It seem liked forever before they saw a bigger town ahead and glimpsed the ocean. Geraldton at last!

They looked about hopefully for fore-lions. Or fore-tigers. Or even fore-bears. Gavin would not have minded spotting a fore-bear. But either they not there or they were staying out of sight.

So they made camp in a room quite suitable for rugged explorers- there were cushions as well as pillows. There was even a basin perfect to use as a slippery dip.

Our intrepid travellers did not realise that they were nowhere near “nearly there yet”. Next day, they will head for the heritage area of Shark Bay which is hours of driving away. They will see wild goats and wandering cows and turtles and emus and sometimes even some trees. But will they see any fore-lions? Will their next camp have lots of pillows or a slippery dip? Don’t miss the next exciting episode of …. da da da daaah dummmm .. Lionel The Lion Seeks His Fore-Lions.

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