Lionel The Lion Seeks His Fore-Lions: Pt 2. Preparing the Expedition

Hello, fellow Baffled Ones. In Pt.1 we met Gavin (with bowtie) and Lionel The Lion (with mane) looking at books about Oz-Tray- Ya. Lionel, excited by the pictures of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger (thylacine), wondered if there could have been Tasmanian Lions too.

Lionel The Lion wonders if there were once Tamanian Lions as well as Tasmanian tigers.
Lionel is fascinated by the Tasmanian tiger

Such lions might be Lionel’s forebears. Or his fore-lions! He had to know. And right there he made a Plan. He would leave BigBedroom and explore the Wide Lands yonder until he found his fore-lions. His friends worried about him. Lionel had never left Mawson’s House before. He spent his days lolling about. How would a sleepy, pampered indoors lion ever manage to look after himself? Someone would have to go with him. Gavin volunteered to go.

Lionel The Lion says he guards the house. But really he sleeps most of the time
Lionel in his usual sleepy posture

Gavin often sits on the bookshelves and reads things and knows stuff. He knows about maps. They decided to journey to the North West of Western Australia. Gavin thought that If these fore-lions were anywhere, they might be there.

The map shows the road from Perth to Geraldton to Shark Bay to Coral Bay
The map: Perth to Geraldton to Shark Bay ( the bit sticking out) to Coral Bay

They will start where Koala sits on the map. That’s Perth. They will rest in Geraldton about where Gavins bottom foot-paw is and rest again where he is pointing at the bit of land sticking out. That’s called Shark Bay and it’s a world heritage area. Then they will go on across a lot of empty country (empty of people) to where Lionel sits. It will be hundreds and hundreds of kilometres.*
They have no idea what a ‘kilometre’ is.

Lionel and Gavin get their exploring attire ready
Lionel & Gavin prepare for their journey

Gavin and Lionel prepared for their expedition. They found hats, sunnies, bags, a compass, water, sunscreen, and more maps. They set off from Big Bedroom. Lionel wobbled under the weight of his exploring gear. Shortly after that, he collapsed. Gavin helped him up and wondered if they would even make it out of the house.

Lionel carry too much in his back pack and topples over before even leaving the house
Lionel topples over

Will Lionel stop toppling over? Will they find any fore-lions? Don’t miss the next exciting episode of …. da da da daahh dummmm .. Lionel The Lion Seeks His Fore-Lions.

PODCASTS on SPOTIFY: You can also hear the tale of Lionel’s search on Spotify.

(*1450 kilometres. The round trip will eventually take 2800 km, but don’t tell our heroes.)

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