Lionel The Lion Seeks His Fore-Lions: Pt. 1. Pictures of Oz-Stral-Ya

Hello fellow Baffled Ones. Here begins the story of how Lionel the Lion and his bear friend Gavin set out in search of Lionel’s forebears, or fore-lions. Here you see Gavin (with bowtie) with Lionel The Lion and Koala (with cute ears) and their Ozzy friends, Koala, and Echidna and Platypus.

Gavin (with bowtie), Lionel The Lion (with mane) and Koala (with cute ears)  with Australian Friends

They were looking at books one day, as stuffies do, when no one is looking. Lionel asked “Where is this place in the pictures?”

Koala, Echnida and Platypus sighed. But Lionel spent a lot of time in Big Bedroom and perhaps he really didn’t know. Gavin replied, ” Right here, Lionel, where we are. It’s Oz-tray-ya.”*

Gavin, Koala, Platypus and the echidnas explain to Lionel Lion that the pictures in the books show Oz-Stray- Ya.

Lionel was astonished. He always had thought he lived in Big BedRoom where he likes to lolls about keeping guard, or so he says. The truth is that Lionel ‘keeps guard’ with both eyes closed most of the time. Even so, it is reassuring to have a guard Lion in the house.

The friends look at pictures of Oz-Stray-Yan animals

His friends showed him pictures of the Oz-tral-yan animals: koalas, echidnas and platypus- just like the ones sitting with Lionel. “Goodness me”, said Lionel, looking at his friends anew. “I never knew that.”

The Tasmanian devil.

There was a picture of the Tasmanian Devil. It looked ferocious. Lionel always imagined himself as ferocious too but was usually too sleepy to attempt it. He was impressed by the Tasmanian Devil. Gavin explained that there had been other ferocious creatures too but they were now ‘extinct’.

The friends look at pictures of Oz-Stray-An animals of the past

And then it happened, the thing that changed Lionel’s sleepy life. Gavin showed him a picture of the extinct Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger.

Gavin shows Lionel Lion a picture of an extinct animal, the Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger

“Tigers!” cried Lionel. “There were once tigers! But what about lions, Gavin? Perhaps there were also Tasmanian Lions! Just think. They could have been my fore-bears. I mean my fore-tigers. Or even my fore-lions.”

They had never seen Lionel so excited. They all tried to explain to him that, being a lion, he had no forebears or fore-tigers or fore-lions in Oz-tral-ya. But he was transfixed by the notion. He made a Plan.

What was wide-awake Lionel’s Plan? Don’t miss the next exciting episode of …. da da dah daaaaaah dummmm .. Lionel The Lion Seeks His Fore-Lions.

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By the way, the Guardian also feels reassured knowing there is a guard lion in the house. Even a sleepy one.

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