Rebecca Writes – About books by one of the world’s few published Writer-Bears.

Rev Rebecca L. Holland is a disability advocate and author. To take a look at her blog about her work and interests, plonk a paw here. You can follow Rebecca here on Twitter.

This is what she kindly said on Amazon and GoodReads about Mawson’s little books.

Sweet and heartwarming. I’ve been in a reading rut during the past few months, and Mawson is just the dose of cuteness I needed to help pull me out. This book is a little work of art. If you love bears and cute heartwarming stories, you’ll love Mawson.

And, about She Ran Away From Love: Like The Velveteen Rabbit meets Pooh Bear! I stumbled across this picture book for adults after seeing it advertised on a blog tour. I’m so glad I read it! The photos are adorable little works of art and the story is a lovely extended metaphor than can be applied in many different ways. I love teddy bears and the details In these photos are so clever. Mawson is reading “For Whom the Bear Hugs,” and the tiny brush he uses to pamper Frilly is too sweet. Her cute little Island has a sign that is spelled phonetically and the stuffed bird was precious. A great book for all ages.

Thank you so much Rebecca. Every word warms a bear’s stuffing.

Mawson’s book She Ran Away From Love is about an exciting quest by Frilly. Although she is small and nervous she is determined to find herself. Look for the pink! Read more about Frilly here.

Mawson’s first Book is  It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost In. You can find it all over the place, including Amazon, and, with free worldwide shipping, from  Just look for the handsome bear on the cover.

Both books are MARKED DOWN 75% on Kindle. And on Kindle Unlimited you can enjoy them for FREE.

Some other reviews: Mawson is all about niceness, warm fuzzies, and pawsing, umm, pausing to take a little time for yourself. And then perhaps to nap. Certainly these reviewers thought so: Praise for Mawson, a writer-bear.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Mawson is the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In . “Reading this book is like receiving a great big hug of reassurance and a huge hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows.” Review by Lady Bracknell

Published by Baffled Bear Books

I am Mark, Guardian of Mawson Bear. Mawson is a big hearted, soul searching Writer-Bear. His little books are stuffed with moments of happiness for frazzled grownups. Why not slow down and relax a while with Mawson's friends in their cosy, whimsical world. Refresh the soul in the tranquility of innocent hours and simple joys.

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