Babushka is Homesick, by Carola Schmidt

Mawson’s Guardian Mark says: We met Babushka when she told a story to little Katrina in Tell Me A Story, Babushka. (Mawson read all about it on this post here.)

These days, Babushka lives surrounded by children and grandchildren. ‘For a matriarch, a house with children means joy.’ She gets the chance to journey back to Ukraine where she was born. In Babushka is Homesick we read of her excitement, her hopes and fears about the journey, and of what happens to her there.

Mawson is reading Babushka is Homesick, in which Babushka makes a journey to find the place that feels like Home.

‘Maybe she would have a sense of home in Ukraine – after many years far away from there .. She hoped she would feel like she belonged.’

Carola Schmidt is also the author of Tell Me a Story, Babushka and Chubby’s Tale: The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer.

This picture book for children, beautifully illustrated by Vinicius Melo, is an interesting read for adults too, especially if you are reading it along with a child or grandchild. For it brings back to the reader that lingering background feeling so many of us have experienced of not being quite anchored, of wondering what the place of our childhood is like nowadays, of homesickness in fact, and also of perhaps of not quite realising how much things have changed while we have grown and worked and loved in another place far away.

Babushka takes back lots of gifts including a matryoshka doll for grand daughter Katrina. But what gift does she take back that means most of all?

Where to find Babushka is HomesickAmazon, Book Authority, Book Depository (free shipping), and You can follow on Twitter too.

About the Author: Carola Schmidt, the author of the Babushka Tales series, is a Pediatric Oncology Pharmacist. For children who have leukaemia and their families she has created the uplifting Chubby’s Tale . Mawson and friends proudly reviewed Chubby’s brave story here. You can find Chubby on Twitter and on Facebook.

Carola’s Amazon Author Page is here where you can find these books and her other titles listed.

Mawson with some help from Mark, Mawson’s Guardian, reviewed Tell Me A Story, Babushka here, and Chubby’s Tale here.

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