Hilda Bear and Lionel visit the house frogs

Fellow Baffled Ones, greetings.

Once again, here is our Hilda Bear. Hilda enjoys knitting and wearing hats. She likes to make sure everyone in the house is feeling comfortable.

Last time she visited the Door Stop Family. Today she put down her knitting  and asked ferocious lion, Lionel to join her on a tour of the house frogs.

Hilda Bedfrogs 047

First Hilda and Lionel  checked the Bedroom Frogs. They enjoyed the visit and all reported being very comfortable.

Hilda Fisherfrogs 045

Next they came to the Mantlepiece Frogs. While Hilda admired the Lady frog with a hat, Lionel got some fishing tips.

Hilda BingeFrogs 040

All the little Television Frogs seem to be mesmerized by Lionel. They had only seen lions on the telly before.

Hilda Mrbullfrog 041

And last stop was with Big Bull and his friends.  Big Bull arrived in the house as one of the Doorstop Family. But he found that the stress of door-stopping kept upsetting his meticulously arranged attire. Just when he was adjusting his bowtie for instance, he’d have to work the door. So he retired from the door stop job and these days, in the way of old Gentleman frogs, he likes to tell tales of past lily ponds to all who will listen.

Lionel listened avidly – he’s never been in a pond let alone sat on a lily and was keen to hear all about it. Old Bull was very pleased. “You are a scholar and a gentleman, Lionel’, he croaked.

You have wandered into Mawson Bear’s web-den. Mawson is a Ponderer of Baffling Things (between naps) and the Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In  and She Ran Away From Love.

‘Reading this book is like receiving a great big hug of reassurance and a huge hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows.’ Review of Bright World by Lady Bracknell

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