Nana Scrappy, by Ryan Cochrane

“Life was good, Nana Scrappy was thinking to herself as she poured another cup of herbal tea.”

Mawson’s Guardian Mark says:

With her lovely house, her careful routines, and her beautiful garden cared for by Eugene O’Squirrel, Nana’s life is indeed good. She is even going to be awarded for her superb home grown cabbages. The unexpected visit by her muddy pawed granddog Barry couldn’t possibly upset it all. Could it?

But it does. Understanding breaks down between the young dog who loves burgers and his loving Nana who only wants him to eat the best food for puppies ‘designed by scientists.’ Barry disappears. Nana must join forces with all the O’Squirrels, Harold the archaeologist and a huge guineapig with bad burps to find the youngster. Will they be in time? Will Sparfield the guineapig eat all the furniture? And what about the prize for cabbages?

NanaScrappyLrge 2754
Scruffy, Blizzard the Husky, Mawson and Gustav getting worried about missing Barry

As I read this delightful story about friends helping one another, I wanted to be young again so as to be able to read it with a child’s eyes. Or have a child at hand to read it to. I could almost hear the places where we would stop and exclaim at moments in the story and point to the illustrations (by Jessica McCarthy) . We would exclaim at different things, I’m sure, every time we read it, and there are many postive messages.

NanaScrappylrgCover 2758

If you like dogs, squirrels, guineapigs, burgers, and visits to Nanas you will enjoy reading this tale. (You don’t necessarily have to like cabbages.) And it’s only the first. There will be more.

Nana Scrappy is published by Olympia Books and is entirely suitable for young dogs, bears, guineapigs, squirrels, and all who love them.

Where to find it: Amazon, Olympia Books, Book Depository, and

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