Story Board Conference for ‘She Ran Away From Love’, the next book soon from Me, Mawson

Hello fellow Baffled Ones,

Director Scotland the Brave called a Conference. All the Pictures to be in my coming book are getting pondered about. Again. All the Words that go with the Pictures are being talked about. Again. This is called (shudder) Revison and (gulp) Editing.

Frilly is listening intently because she is the star.

Directors Chair 5 Conference Sml 2666

I already did much pondering for the Words and hopefully they are just right. But friends see changes that can make them better-rer. Err, better. The Words, not the friends. I don’t want to change my friends. They are already just right.

It’s altogether a deal of bother to make a book. There are the words. There are the pages. The covers. The naps. The conferences. More naps. Pots of coffee. Pots of honey … Hopefully it will all be finished soon and you can all find out the Words Frilly will say in the book.

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It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In is already out in the wide world. You can  plonk your paw to order it here through Book Depository (free shipping all over the world). Also at Amazon and and and, oh! all over the place..

“It’s a small book packed with big emotions. Mawson, the big-hearted, soul-searching teddy bear is here to help.” Cheryl Pasquier of Madhouse Family reviews.

You are in the web den of Mawson Bear, Ponderer of Baffling Things (between naps) and Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In  and, out soon,   She Ran Away from Love.

2 thoughts on “Story Board Conference for ‘She Ran Away From Love’, the next book soon from Me, Mawson

  1. lazypawsuk

    Such ponderings going on for writing a book; no wonder Mawson is baffled. But, everything comes to he who waits and I’m sure when all the ponderings have been pondered, Frilly will be the star of the most amazingest book ever.

    Liked by 2 people


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