Frilly’s fashionable hats in She Ran Away From Love

Fellow Baffled Ones,  I’ve asked Director Scotland the Brave, and it seems ‘Bears of the Wardrobe’ does not mean my fellow bears have wandered into Narnia. ‘Wardrobe’ is the job Scarf Bear and Bonnet are doing. They are dressing up Frilly for her scenes in She Ran Away From Love. Now they are deciding about hats.

Directors Chair Wardrobe 2630

Scarf and Bonnet help Frilly with her hats and wardrobe for the book

I wrote hats into my book for Filly to wear but forgot to say what kind of hats because I’m not really a hat kind of bear (though I do fancy a nice bow tie). And we all know that if you are going to wear a hat then you need just the right hat.  So ‘Wardrobe’ are ward-robing away today with all sorts of hats. Frilly liked them so much she did not choose only one. You can see the ones she chose when you look at the book.

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