Who left behind those forlorn bears in hotel rooms?

(More on the Travelodge survey.)

Over half of the 6000 British hotel-staying survey-respondents still had a teddy bear from their childhood. The average age of these bears was 27 years old. (Clearly they were long kept and much loved.)

Fourteen per cent of parents surveyed said they had passed down their favourite teddy bear to their children as a keepsake.

Eight out of ten parents said the first toy they brought their child was a teddy bear.

Six out of ten parents said it is important for a child to grow up owning and loving a teddy bear as it helps them to develop a more caring nature.


Remarking on the survey, ‘Dawn James, Arctophile and editor of Teddy Bear Times said: “Teddy Bears represent happiness and security in childhood. They are the best friend that always listens and never criticises. This is why so many adults hang on to their childhood bears, because they see them as a lifelong friend.

[From an article put out by Travelodge UK in July 2010  http://www.travelodge.co.uk/press_releases/press_release.php?id=393 .]

In the next post:  Big, brave men – and their bears.

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3 thoughts on “Who left behind those forlorn bears in hotel rooms?

  1. Our beloved bears when travelling with us are a huge priority, when leaving to come home we make sure that nothing is left behind that came with us especially the bears.

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