‘It is a Truth Universally Acknowledged’: The Tedette’s Jane Austen Book Club

“It is a truth universally acknowledged,
that whenever a book club chooses a subject to read,
someone will bring the wrong book.”

BearsreadBooksAusten6 Small 2088

Dear fellow baffled readers,

It is grand to see so many bears reading books when no-one is looking. Here’s our bunch again enjoying Jane Austen novels, including Emma, Mansfield Park , Northanger Abbey,  Sense and Sensibility , Women Who Run With the Wolves ..  What?  Wolves? What has Professor Caddy brought along?

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You are in the web den of Mawson Bear, Ponderer of Baffling Things (between naps) and Writer-Bear of It’s A Bright World To Feel Lost In .

“Just pure magic.  A bear’s love is never far away and can be shared and passed on through generations.” Susan Hampson, of Books From Dawn To Dusk.

Published by Baffled Bear Books

I am Mark, Guardian of Mawson Bear. Mawson sits on Bed-Top Hill. Between naps he ponders about Baffling Things. After deep ponders, most things remain for him as completly baffling as they were before. But they do seem friendlier, somehow. If you, too, are baffled by, well, Things, his little books of ponders could be just right for you.

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